Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi folks - I'm somewhat new here; I've been checking out the site and webinars but haven't set up a profile until now. I work in Chicago with a grant program - Striving Readers. I work as the Technology Coordinator in 29 schools across the city and I provide professional development for teachers and work with Interventionists in designing intervention lessons that incorporate technology support for struggling readers. I am a reading specialist and teacher but working now in an administrative position.
Hi Rob - glad to have you around. Hope we will see you at Classroom2.0 LIVE on Saturday June 5th -->
My name is Rebecca Bourgeois, and although that may not sound American, I'm from Chicago (and my small proportion of French ancestry left me with a French name). I'm currently living in the south of France, near Carcassonne, teaching English as a Foreign Language, as well as French as a Foreign Language to newcomers, in junior high school. The school is in the country, so we have a catchment area of 11 villages, and yet only 330 pupils (give or take a few).
Most pupils are not too keen on English here, so I strive to find ever more ways of getting them interested and working!
The French are notably chauvinistic when it comes to learning and practicing any foreign language, and it's difficult to get them to see the point in learning one, especially English , which is thought to be more difficult than most (in the French mind).
I'd love to hear from you, with suggestions, hints, etc...
Hoping to get in touch soon...
Hi everyone. I am a new technology teacher for K-8 in Florida. Excited to begin this new teaching position.
Glad to meet you all.
Hi :D
I'm William Machado from Montevideo, Uruguay and I teach EFL.
Lately, I have been working with web 2.0 tools in the classroom and I want to contribute and get to know what other teachers are doing in the field.

Hope to hear from you!
My name is Shannon Holden, and I am from Republic, Missouri. As a school administrator and teacher for the last 19 years, I have watched teachers struggle to make a difference with their students…especially new teachers. About six months ago, I decided to do something about the 50% of new teachers who do not make it five years in the teaching profession (they either quit out of frustration, or are fired). I founded my website, to help new teachers survive. From the feedback I’ve received from grateful teachers, it looks like I have just scratched the surface of what’s possible! I am so excited to start taking this idea to the next level, and I value friendships with “innovators” in the educational profession such as you. Thanks!
Hello everyone. My name is Ning Li. I am a Chinese language teacher working in international school in Shanghai. I like integrate technology in my Chinese class. Currently I am working on a Chinese learning portal for teachers around the world. I would like to collaborate with other Chinese teachers.

Hi Ning LI,

are you still working on this?  I'd be interested.  I'm teaching Chinese in Australia.



Hi All,

My name's Dave Robertshaw and my focus is on elementary and middle school math. My colleagues and I recently started a new free site with interactive tools for improving fractions instruction ( The tools are free and are designed for whole-class instruction. We hope instructors will try them out and give us their feedback.

Happy Memorial Day!
Hi everyone,

My name is Thomas and I'm a math facilitator in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I'm always looking for new and effective ways to enhance the math experience for students. Lately, I'm looking for new ways to effectively integrate technology (web 2.0) into mathematics.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I use twitter for professional purposes and post anything that I think is beneficial for mathematics in education.
Follow me @


My name's Eva. I live in Nove Mesto nad Vahom, a town situated in the west of Slovakia, about 100 km north of Bratislava, the capital city. I teach at a secondary vocational school. My students are at the age 15 - 19. I teach Slovak (native) language and literature, English and social studies.

I am interested in ways how to effectively use ICT (web 2.0 tools) in teaching/learning the humanities, especially within the project work.

I am also a member of the European programme eTwinning, aimed at electronic collaboration between/among European schools, having been involved in several international project partnerships for students and learning events for teachers.

I consider this a great opportunity to exchange teachers' knowledge and experience worldwide.
I look forward to being in touch with all of you and learning new things from you:)

Hi, I am an elementary school technology teacher in NYC. I have been teaching for 8 years, however, I have been a technology teacher for only 3 years. I also attend New York Institute of Technology attaining a second masters in Instructional Technology. I am interested in trying new things and really enjoy working with young children.



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