Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi Tracy

    Thank you very much for writing me.  I read up on your condition and OMG, that sounds horribly painful.  You have my respect because you carry on.  Many people just don't get it when it comes to back pain.  I know there are members of my own family that don't believe me.  I also hate the "well, I have back problems too" people.  They just don't understand the difference.  

    I will look up your link and see what I can find.  I know I have a few leads now.  It would certainly make my life a bit easier.  I spend a lot of time alone (housebound) and try to keep busy (mind wise at least) by playing video games (keeps my mind sharp) and now, if I can write too, that would help a lot.  

     My spinal breakdown was an odd combination of related illnesses that anyone like me could have.  I have 4 oxygen depravation illnesses (thalassemia, sleep apnea, asthma and diabetes) and what doctors have theorized in cases like mine, the body is deprived of deep oxygen so greatly that the low oxygenated areas just don't get any.  That causes them to age faster and break down.  Now, at the age of 45, I have 7 herniated discs, about 3 inches of crushed spinal cord (due to discs herniating so far that they crashed into the cord), spinal spondylitis, am leaking spinal fluid from the damage to the cord, and have 3 cysts in the spinal canal called syringomyelia.  So, I can understand your pain.  Do you teach?  Do you get to enjoy your life?  I hope you do.  Back problems are hard to deal with because you very rarely feel well.  Again, thanx for writing me.


Hi Dan,

Thanks again for welcoming me to Classroom 2.0 and for sharing. I agree, others don't understand but they do their best to empathize. I get a lot from this forum -- I dig on the play on words too :-)

There might be more answers in that forum even though your back health/pain is caused differently, but the people there are fabulous also and have many ideas and resources for adapting their lives due to physical health... Which is what I'm reading from your post.

Again, hope that helps.

Kind regards,

Hi Tracy,

     I feel like a dummy.  I didn't realize you wrote me and i commented on your intro as well.  Sorry about that.  It is early for me and I took my pills, so, i am blaming it on the alcho, er, pills (actually, I hate that song, but, thought it was funny for this).  I am a rocker through and through and absolutely love groups like within temptation, the gathering, and kamelot.  Again, sorry for 2 messages, I didn't realize you have written me and i saw your introduction first and your response to me second.  


Hi Dan,

No worries! Let me know if those links helped at all.

Kind regards,


I wish you good luck, you should have confidence in your self, first of all. As in the body there is what called a self healing system.

I advice you to try what is called : acupressure,You press the cartridege of the upper part of the ear it relieves too much.

You can also press,and massage, the curve of the foot ( please refer to foot and ear reflexology) acupressure for more information.

Good luck and more patience.


Hello everybody! My name is Scott MacClintic and I teach science at The Loomis Chaffee School (independent 91-12) in Windsor, CT. I am also the Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching at my school.



Greetings from the hot Midwest! My name is Kris McGuire, and I teach 8th grade language arts in DeWitt, Iowa. Looking forward to making connections and learning about new ideas.

Hi Everyone, I'm Tracy Watanabe from Apache Junction, Arizona. After 14 years in the elementary school classroom, I now work in the Technology Department as the Technology Integration Specialist.

I spend over half of my time in K-12 classrooms with our students and teachers. The other half is spent designing professional development classes, curriculum, and collaborating with educators. I am most excited when we collaborate on project-based learning and blogging.

I'm hoping to learn about the many wonderful collaborations out there so I can point those in my district in the right direction.

On a personal note, I'm a mom of two, a pastor's wife, a daughter, a friend, my son's soccer coach, and a retired snowboarder. Any of these license plate holders would be appropriate for my car: I'd rather be snowboarding, playing soccer, painting, touring an art gallery, or learning.

Most people know I see the cup as half full, even when there's only condensation showing. =)

I look forward to getting to know new people and learning with you!

Tracy- your day must be full, welcome to classroom 2

Hi Tracy,

     I was wondering if you could help me.  I am disabled and can't sit for long periods of time.  I refuse to just let my mind turn to mush.  Between my spinal condition and the pain pills that barely touch the pain, well, I am sure you can imagine what my days are like.  Okay, this is what I need.  I have a Mac.  I need voice to text software.  I plan to use it to help me write stories.  The software would have to be able to handle standard story parameters: dialog and paragraphs.  I also want to write screenplays (my favorite of writing) and know that would be a template, so, hopefully, the software you can point me towards would be able to have templates added to it.  Do you know anything that can help?  I have a very limited budget, but, if I have to buy something, that is fine.  I am not computer savvy (if you read my post, I didn't know what Text Edit was until someone told me :)).



Hi Dan,

I see you found my response. Try some of the links I sent over, and let me know if you need some more help. Also, there are tons of mac forums you could try too.

Kind regards,




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