Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi! I will be teaching Spanish 1 and Pre-IB Spanish (high school) and would love to learn how to take advantage of this resource to benefit my students. I have heard of Foreign Lanfguage yeachers that use Skype and Voicethread to do "lab" type work with their students and I would love to see if this social network can be used for that as well. I taught for 10 years and then took a break when we relocated . Now I am going back and I am excited to see all the newer ways we can use to reach our students. Now I just have to decide what is the best way to go, and if there is a difference between them.




Hello there.  My name is Calvin Jordan.  I live in Cedar Hill, TX and teach Intro course in Broadcasting and Info Tech in Desoto.  I'm looking to soak up as much knowledge as possible and I'm more than willing to help out where i can.  I can't wait to here from other Tech Teachers.
Hi Guys it;s Kev here from Australia.  I have just opened up a new website with thousands of great teaching resources @ I'd love to hear what you think

If you have any really cool products or services for education that that you would like to list to share with others for FREE please check out



Hello Web 2.0 colleagues. I am 6th grade teacher in San Luis Obispo, CA. This year one of my professional development goals will involve bringing in social media into my classroom. I'm looking forward to exploring Classroom 2.0 and broadening my knowledge and skills. Any help, direction, or advice is welcome.
Hey everyone! I'm new to Classroom 2.0. I'm an elementary classroom teacher working on getting a job in PA. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing ideas here. :)
Greetings to all! I'm Jayne Bowen from Virginia.


I am Joni Atha, Librarian, Dalhart High School in Dalhart, Texas!

Hi everybody. My name is Kadidia and I teach French in Rabun County in northern Georgia.
Greetings to all!


I'm Patty Buononato computer/math teacher @ Cornwall Middle School. I am currently taking Building Your Personal Learning Network and our teacher suggested we join and add you to our network.  I look forward to networking with other educators and sharing:)

¡Hola!  I am Laura Amaya, a Spanish teacher at Dalhart High School in Dalhart, Texas.  Our district heard about his website in one of our Staff Development days by Kevin Honeycutt.  I decided to join because I want to broaden my horizons to be able to be a better teacher in a technology world.  I would love to collaborate, help and receive help from other colleagues. 



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