Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I'm Mark Welch, editor & publisher of, a web site directory of literature lesson plan resources.




My name is TJ Wolfe. I'm from Greenville, NC, but taking/teaching graduate classes through NC State University in Raleigh, NC. I'm a former middle school teacher passionate about implementing technology in classrooms. I recently decided to leave the classroom and go back to school to find a way to help teachers incorporate technology in their classrooms, in an easy and efficient way. I came up with an idea I believe helps any teacher, no matter where they are on the technology understanding and implementation spectrum. 


Since so many young people are online and using Social Media (SM), but so many more teachers are not, who will teach them about their digital footprint? Teachers need to consider spending time understanding technology themselves before they can tell their students what is good and not good on the internet and through SM. Please visit for details on how I think teachers can be helped in their learning and understanding of technology so they can better serve students and the future!


Thanks for a great platform for teachers to connect and learn from one another! :)

Hello everyone.  Matt Simmons here.  I'm currently the Director of Technology for the Brookville Area School District in Pennsylvania.  I am also enrolled in the Educational Technology Leadership program at the George Washington University.  I look forward to collaborating with the group.
Hi, everybody!  I am Tiffany Millsap.  I teach 5th grade in a small rual school in Warsaw Missouri.  I love my job and finding new teaching resources!

Global Virtual Classroom Clubhouse- Peace Project

Please join us by remembering 9-11 on our peace project at the Global Virtual Classroom Clubhouse. Educators are invited to leave a message on our discussion board about peace and its implications. Now more than ever we must educate children about the 9-11 disaster so they will not forget that the good of mankind can prevent evil and we must help them to be better people.

Teachers can contact me about joining the clubhouse and making new friends.

Teachers are also asked to contribute to the world peace project 2011 at Globaldreamers.World Peace Project 2011

Learn about David Weiss a true hero david Weiss a true firefighter and hero

Marsha Goren

Project coordinator

Global Virtual Classroom Clubhouse Manager

Hi!  My name is Audra and I teach Biology in Xiamen, China.  I'm originally from Texas, but have been in China for 4 years now.  I recently attended a conference that got me thinking more about investing in myself and the power of networking, so I've been reading more blogs and looking for more online opportunities.  Happy to be here!
Hi  I am Joanne McLeod, a Junior Teacher from New Zealand. I teach 5-8yr olds at a small rural school. I am currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Information Communication Technology in Education. I  have been  researching whether or not blogging improves student writing skills. I was very interested to read about the Standford study on student writing
Hello!  My name is Louisa Schaefer.  I joined this forum with the encouragement of an instructor in a George Washington University program in which I am enrolled.  I am actually an adult educator in the Washington, DC area but have found a lot of corss-over and learning opportunities in the K-12 education forum.  Teachers in this arena seem to be on the cutting edge of creative use of technology in the classroom.  I am looking forward to learning from you all, trying new things, and hopefully contributing something from my own lessons learned.  Thank you!

Hello, I'm Dan Sagmiller, Oconomowoc, WI (outside Milwaukee/Madison) 

I run a small school on Game Programming and Business Programming and occasionally teach classes at local colleges and give talks to schools.  I'm hoping to improve my craft of education and find excellent ideas here.

Hello everyone!  My name is Jeff Walrich and I work at Holy Innocents' in Atlanta, GA

Dean-10th Grade Boys, Assistant Athletic Director, Film & Broadcast Production Teacher, Head Wrestling Coach and love educational technology!

Hey Jeff,

    This is Dan from buffalo.  I loved filmmaking and still have hopes to be a screenplay writer some day.  I am in my 40's and recently disabled, so, I have the time to write them now.  Any ideas on what is new in the world of film?  I took my classes in the 90's, so, I know much has changed, but, I am more looking at how the writing has changed.



Hello everyone, my name is Tony Graham and I am based in Leicestershire in England. I am an education consultant specialising in leadership development and online learning. I lead a small team of e-specialists providing facilitator training for the National College. I also work in Industry for about 50% of my time focussing on training trainers, QA and design of training programmes.

Why am I here...... I want to understand more about this way of learning.



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