Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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My name is Sharon and I am an itech ELA middle school teacher and I am looking for resources to use in my class. I love technology and I want help my students and colleagues find and utilize technology which will enhance their academic and professional goals.
Hi,I'm Reny from India teaching in Arizona in the U.S.I teach High School Biology.This is my tenth year of teaching and I look forward to learn and share ideas.

Hello All!,

My name is Azael Barrera, professor or physics and mathematics with the academic program of Florida State University in the Republic of Panama. I joined C2.0 to share my experience with the use of technology in teaching and learning and education research to help improve active learning in difficult subjects as precalculus, analytic trigonometry and calculus-based physics and other sciences. Before joining FSU @ Panama I was Technology Development Director for the National Office of Science and Technology of Panama, where I implemented the first internet access community centers throughout Panama, a national program called Infoplazas which started in Feb. 2000 with 25 local schools and communities working together.  Now Panama has 220 such centers. I shared that experience with other countries like Venezuela, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Egypt, as a consultant for UNESCO. Also created the Center of Research of Technology for Education with $1.2M support from South Korea (later closed due to bad retroactive public policies).  I have used many different technologies to enhance inquiry in the classroom, integrating experiments intersped with lectures with discussions and problem solving in a method called Studio Teaching, using tablet pcs and netbooks, smart sensors with portable data acquisition devices, lecture capture technology, video motion analysis and many other educational technologies.  I am glad to be in this social network. I will begin soon sharing my experience with tablet pcs in the classroom to teach trigonometry -I am writiing a research paper on that subject- and many other things.

If you will like to know a bit more of what I do check the page from Florida State site.
Eric Bredin, 5th grade teacher in Lowell, MI.  Just trying to broaden my resource base as a teacher... to find new and better ways to do my job!
My name is Alexandra Wazny and I am a junior special education major at Illinois State University.  As a requirement for my Special Education 379 Assistive Technology class I have been asked to build my professional network through the use of technology.  I entered into the field of special education so that I could teach those who desired to learn most but were faced with the greatest difficulties to do so.  I am looking forward to expanding my network of educators and could use any and all advice that other professionals already in the field would be willing to share!  Thanks!
Hello! I am Steve Schnyders, a teacher at Hudsonville Christian Elementary school. I am responsible for teaching technology to the 3rd-5th grade students. I am glad to join the group and be an active member.
I am B.Prasanna from Navrachana International School, Vadodara. I have been in the field of education for about 17 years. Other than teaching I am passionate about music and handicrafts.

Hello everyone...I am Ruchita Parat from San Jose,California.I am owner of San Jose, CA based 'USHA' which has been  imparting Hindi language knowledge since 2006. Its newly started Jano India program has helped people to learn and speak Hindi by new techniques.


Hello everyone, I am Swati from Victorious Kidss educares , pune, India. I am in this field from last 6 years. I am teaching ICT from grade PYP I  till PYP 5. I like to explore new softwares and ideas. I look forward to gain more knowledge and tools to be used in ICT.


Hi everyone! I'ma special education major, focusing on low vision and blindness, and  I'm from Frankfort, IL. 

My name is Rafa and I am 33 years old. I work as a Community Manager at (Social Learning Environment).  I am interested in all 2.0 social web features, net-marketing and communty management, in addition to new e-learning technologies and devices.



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