Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I am a high school science teacher who has been working for almost 20 years. I am a passionate teacher.  I believe that my interpersonal relationship with students, helps them to improve their achievement.  I view Web 2.0 resources as a way to individualize a student's educational experience. I am an avid curator of a tech ed curation collection and also curate a collection on humanistic education .  I am preparing to teach a Web 2.0 based course for students that tend to be less engaged in traditional classrooms.  I am hoping to use the tools to help them to explore what they do want to learn about.  I am excited to find a PLN of like minded colleagues.


Hi, I am a K-8 technology teacher who does all the IT support as well. I am trying to build a good curriculum so that the students learn web 2.0 tools and can incorporate them into the classroom.

I live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Katie Lyon. I am a teacher and Vice Principal in West L.A.  I have been teaching for over seven years now primarily in 5th grade. I had one year in which I taught 4th. :-)  I simply love sharing with other teachers and have built several sites in order to do that (and no - I don't charge $ haha).  Please feel free to check them out and become a follower or perhaps share with someone who might be interested.  Right now, my goal is to create a more online presence within the education field.  

I feel that in order to best teach my students, I need to stay on top of the latest and greatest.  As of right now, my class recently received a Mobi and class set of clickers. I'm hoping to become proficient at using it to enhance the classroom experience.  If anyone has ever used one, I would love to talk to you.

Thank you,



I am Maryum Nisar a Teacher at Beaconhouse school System Gulshan Middle II branch Karachi Pakistan Would you and your class like to to have a Skype session with my students of grade 7. Actually in Geography we are learning Biomes of the World. I want my students to interact with students of different Biomes and tell us a little about their Biome. We are living in Desert. I would like to interact with people of a differnt Biome like Savanna, Tropical Rainforest etc. kindly help me in this regard. you can mail to me on my email Thanks.

Hi I am Doris from New Jersey, USA. I teach computers to K - 4 students. I am "new" at this, a learning process for me - so bear with me! We have lots of technology in our school. Looking for different ways to integrate tech into the curriculum. 




Hi everyone! I'm Wes Emlet from Baltimore, Maryland. Go Ravens! I am a third grade teacher and am brand new to classroom 2.0. Nice to meet you:)

llo Wesley Nice to meet you and good luck. Being a new teacher is a huge challenge and I wish you the best.

If you like you can check out our project at

We would love to have you./

Marsha Goren


Hi Marsha,

I'm actually not a brand new teacher, but brand new to this website:)  This is actually my fifth year at my current school!  (Wow time flies...)  I started teaching second grade and did that for two years before being moved to third grade.  I really enjoy  third graders; the kids are more independent but still love learning.  Thanks for the invitation to your blog, it looks interesting and I will definitely check it out! 



Hi Everyone,


I'm Mollie from Maryland.  I am a first-year special education teacher.  I teach a Multiple Intensive Needs Class (MINC) with students in kindergarten to second grade.  My students have severe cognitive disabilities, and most are nonverbal.  Technology helps my students in many ways, so I am eager to learn about assistive technology on this site. 


Nice to meet you Mollie:)




My name is Jason. You'll find me all over Upstate NY from one day to another working for Teq Inc. I am an Instructional Technology Specialist providing professional development to teachers on a wide variety of instructional technology. My background is mostly middle school science with a few years of elementary teaching thrown in. I grew up near Rochester, NY and now live about half way between there and Syracuse. One of my favorite new instructional tools are ones that allow students to create a video or iBook, showing-off what they learned.





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