Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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My name is Karla, I usually go by lil' kk... when online. I am instructional technology and I am wading deeper and deeper into the Web 2.0 wave. I hope to get my self caught into a great current that will take me to new and exciting places. Glad to have my flip flops off!!!
Hi Karla,

Do you work with studentts? teachers? ??? If students? what level?
I work with both students and teachers. I collaborate with teachers and we set up "an appointment" for me to work with their students. This can take many forms. Sometimes I take the lead, other times it is true team teaching (my favorite), and some times I am there to assist. I work with students K-5. I also find that much of my job includes professional development. I have grown to love training teachers. They are a hard group to teach, but when you get them excited about a new technology and the wheels start turning.... It becomes a very rewarding and exciting learning opportunity for all stakeholders.

I did a lot of teacher training, mostly workshop stuff, but once for 3 years, was the computer teacher in a primary K-2 school, and I loved it!

I did a lot of pioneering work when I was at Southside, including starting the web site that gives me purpose in getting up some days. First Graders entered data in spreadsheets and, in so doing expose them to a bar and a circle greaph that is built in for them. Second graders did email with English Students in Israel. Kindergarteners made a pizza with paint, given a plain cicle that I put up for them, and they colred the circle red, added yellow cheese and brown pepperonis. All kids used the keyboard, if nothing else, to "sign into" the lab by typing, first their first initial, then two initials, then first name, finally full name. All children who came to the lab, including the mildly and severely handicapped. I did a project with a special ed class (EMR and physical handicaps, in which they looked at the pictures of 9/11 (it was that year, it had just happed. Then, we looked at some pictures on the UN site that children around the world have made to illustrate or celebrate Peace. Then the kids went back to their classroom where they each drew a Peace picture or something about 9/11. One boy with a crippling speech problem, drew a picture of a Haz-Mat truck that his father had driven up to NYC and took out some loads of trash. The child had gone along, and by spending time with him, he dictated a very meaningful description of his picture. All of the children saw their pictures on the screen (one was frightened to see his drawing on the screen, and they dictated desciption that I typed onto the page with the picture. I had permission from their parents to share the pictures for 3 months, and they had to come down. There is so much you can do with the kids. And, anything that a first or second graders does the baby steps on, the 4-5th grade kids should be able to do individually and independently.

I love your site! My students have used your Famous Americans link especially the famous Virginians link. It is a great site because of the simplistic text. I am so excited to talk to the woman behind the website. So do you mind if I add you as a friend?
Hi! My name is Charles Paul Bazin Webster. I am a primary French Immersion educator in Saskatchewan. I work with the executive of my local teacher association. I am also a councilor for the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation. I am an amateur musician and artist. My favorite instruments to play are drums, guitar and bass guitar. When creating original art, my favorite mediums to use are acrylic paints and watercolors.
Hi Charles,

Don't you just love this edu network? A few minutes ago I added you as my twitter friend, and then noticed your introduction here on Classroom 2.0.

As one of the hosts of Classroom 2.0, I'd like to officially welcome you to this community. I'm sure that you'll find many opportunities to contribute your expertise and that you will benefit from many discussions happening here.

Welcome aboard!

- Konrad
Hi .. I'm a relative novice at teaching and a definite amateur in the IT world. I have come from a business background (the wonderful world of hotels and resorts) so I can definitely see the need for our students to be more IT attuned if they are to succeed once they leave our schools. Which explains why I'm here ... I'm trying to learn how I can make my lessons more useful...
Stick around and you'll learn a lot. My advice when integrating technology---start small. Don't think you have to do everything with everybody, choose 4-5 kids to pilot an idea. Let me know if you want to see some projects we've done. I'll send you to our sites.
Hi Mark and welcome to Classroom 2.0!

This is a great place to develop of network of colleagues who are also starting out or are more experienced and can offer guidance and support. I'm sure that you will find groups or discussion forums that will help you figure out how to best integrate technology. However, you should also reflect on what it is that you want to accomplish - just because some educators are using podcasts, doesn't mean that you should too. Observe and listen to your own practice.

I hope that Classroom 2.0 will be helpful to you in your endeavours. Let me know if there is anything that I can assist you with.


- Konrad
Hey, you are a great greeter!
Thanks Nancy & Konrad ... your quick greets have me liking the place already. I've tried a few things already at school like students videoing and a blog to keep students informed. Now I've dipped my toes in the water I guess I can think about taking a bit of a swim.

Thanks for the greetings.



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