Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I am Maryum Nisar a Teacher at Beaconhouse school System Gulshan Middle II branch Karachi Pakistan Would any of you and your class like to to have a Skype session with my students of grade 7. Actually in Geography we are learning Biomes of the World. I want my students to interact with students of different Biomes and tell us a little about their Biome. We are living in Desert. I would like to interact with people of a differnt Biome like Savanna, Tropical Rainforest etc. kindly help me in this regard. you can mail to me on my email Thanks.

Hello from Baltimore!  I teach 4th grade in a suburb outside of the city and I'm working on my Masters in Educational Technology.


I am also working on my Masters in Ed Tech. Doing Research now.



Hi, my name is Kate Miller and I'm a fourth grade teacher in Maryland.  I use SMART Technology in my classroom and am currently in a graduate program through Loyola University in Instructional Technology.  I'm especially interested in reading and technology- like the impact of e-readers and digital textbooks.  I hope to become a media specialist/school librarian some day.

Hello! I am Rebecca Grayson. I am new around here, and I am looking forward to discussing education and other topics. I am from Dallas, TX. Hopefully I can learn something new and teach you all something too!

Hello everyone!  I'm Tisheema Bush from Orlando Florida.  I teach computer technology (k-5).  I have a Bachelors in Elementary Ed and Masters in Curriculum and Technology. Glad to be here and can't wait to learn and share with you all!

Hi, my name is Stacey Bell and I currently teach Health and Physical Education at Old Mill High School, Millersville, MD.  I am enrolled in an educational tecnology graduate program through Loyola University.  I am looking for any resources people may have to help me incorporate technology into my lessons in both health and P.E.  Looking forward to hearing some great ideas and getting resources!

Hello everyone - I'm a corporate trainer from the St. Louis, MO area. I'm also working on my Master's in Computer Education, and looking forward to learning and sharing with all of you.

Hi Amber,

I think we're in the same class - I remember you from our VoiceThread activity!


Hi All,

I'm a 5th grade teacher outside of St. Louis, MO, and currently working on my masters' in computer education.  I hope to learn a lot here!

Christy Koop

Iowa Falls-Alden High School

Spanish Teacher

Tech lover!

Excited to be part of this site. Willing and ready to learn how other teachers are using Tech in their Spanish classrooms!

Hello!  I'm Maegan Heindel, former elementary teacher and school librarian-in-training in Madison, Wisconsin.  Looking forward to connecting and getting tips on how to support classroom teachers.



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