Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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My name is Susan B Bardin. I am currently a computer science teacher in Jacksonville, Florida. I began my teaching career as a computer teacher in a small catholic school in SC way back in 1988. Prior to that I was in computer sales- so I've been around a while. But I find all the changes to be exciting and keeping up with it all is quite challenging, but fun. 

Hi everyone. I'm Nadia, an English teacher from Tunisia, passionate about learning new technologies and modern methods.

Hello, my name is Calvin Carr.

This fall, I'll be pursuing my Master's degree in Mass Communications at San Jose State University.  I plan to teach at the college level and leverage my 35 years of B2B (Business to Business) marketing experience along with my entrepreneurial background.  

For the past 26 years I've been a publisher and owner of computer trade magazines serving the B2B marketplace. Previously, I owned my own retail store.  I graduated from St. Lawrence University in upstate New York where I majored in history and certified to teach high school; after training at the American School of Florence, Italy.

So, I'm returning to my roots, by pursuing a teaching career.  Currently I plan to teach both in the class room as well as online.

Hello all from the Netherlands! I am Ellen and work as a lecturer at the International school of Amsterdam.

Would love to exchange thoughts and ideas about anything with regards to education. Thank you


I am K-12 English teacher in Türkiye. I try to integrate web 2.0 applications in my classes. It is so exiciting to be here and take part in webinars.. I hope It will be effective for accomplishing studies.Looking forward to learning and sharing technology.



Hi! I'm a language teacher and a language school owner of 2  somewhere in Greece! Please to meet you all here! I'm also a Cambridge DELTA Holder, I 've obtained the Diploma from S.Michael's College in Vermont, U.S.A. and I 'm an MAPDLE (Masters in Professional Language Development ) student....I'm here to be inspired by all teachers from around the world and to be informed of the latest advancements in language teaching that will help me with my Masters studies... Oh, any links for CLIL and Learner Autonomy?

Thanks once more for the welcome!

It is so good to see all the International teachers joining this group. Welcome. I am working in China this year, but will be returning to USA for next year. Hope you make good connections.

Hey All!  I'm Pete from Chicago, though I live in LA now.  I'm an EFL teacher and I've taught in Asia, Latin America, and North America.  I'm a big fan of using technology in the classroom and getting students to create content for the class.

Hello all!

My name is Michelle Murphy from Michigan. I work with software for classroom management that includes the ability to manage and monitor student screens, create and administer custom tests, sync up other classroom technology such as an interactive whiteboard, screen annotation, and more. 

Glad to be here also, and I look forward to learn even more about the wonderful and exciting educational world!

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Dill, B.S.Ed. currently a MLIS graduate student graduating in April. I am interested in incorporating social media in library instruction. I'm excited to find you!

Hello i am seo@Pluginlotto Team. We have developed lots of elgg plugins, And now we are moving to GUN LICENSE version 2 for all what we have developed so far.yet we did not release anything to the public. but soon we will release around 15+ plugins to the elgg community.

Hello there, Micah Gilbert, that's me. I am currently a full-time student at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN. I am enthusiastic about continuing my pursued career path in teaching at the Elementary Education grade level. I am originally from Pennsylvania, born and raised in the north, but southerner at heart.



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