Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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G'day Everyone... Peter Young here.  hanging out in San Jose, CA - the heart of Silicon Valley.  I currently serve as the Director of the Silicon Valley Centre for Global Studies and have two separate projects that are both fun and challenging; 1) Co-Director of the Consortium for Middle Eastern Studies, and 2) C0-Director the Pakistan Distant Education Enhancement Project based in Islamabad.  I love tablets and have conducted lots of research on content development for these devices... and I hope to be speaking on this top[ic here... gotta wait for the approval process I guess!

I am an instructor at the college of medicine of the University of Lagos Nigeria. I teach undergraduate dental students. My roles includes teaching these students dental lab procedures so as to meet the requirements for the award of bachelor degree in dental surgery. I am passionate about the uses of ICTs for reserach, and teaching and learning especially for teaching lab procedures online. I have interest in the use of logbook for industrial training in technical and vocational education

Nice Olufemi- you could consider training generating an electronic portfolio from google docs. Check it or use Mahara both are free

Nice to meet everyone!  I'm Annette Whitby from Fayetteville, Arkansas.  I teach Business Law I and II online for Park University.  I have taught legal studies since 2003.  The Classroom 2.0 community has been a great source of information!  Looking forward to this week's conference.



Twitter handle:  @3DTwinz

Hello from Vancouver, Canada. I am Judith Comfort and I am a teacher-librarian at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School in nearby Coquitlam.

Hello everybody,Sawasdee kha from Thailand. My name's Weena and I've been a teacher of English as a foreign language for ages.Currently I am working at Phangnga Community College - a small institute on the southwest coast of the country.

Good morning!

I'm in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.  I teach grade 4 and 5 French immersion.  I'm looking to collaborate with other immersion teachers.



I am robin Smith, Assoc. Prof. of special SUNY New Paltz, NY, USA  and am new to online learning and extremely new at developing an online class for teacher candidates. I hope to collaborate and learn about course development, online mentoring, and ideas to get my students involved..

Hi everybody! It is Yolanda Egea. Bilingual teacher (English & Spanish) in Spain. CLIL & ICT experiences in education. Glad to share this with all of you. Best wishes

Our collaborative bilingual blog for school:

My classroom blog: (6-8 years old kids)


Hi All!

My name is Craig Martin.  I currently serve as a Grade 3 All-Boys Teacher in Boston Public Schools.  Evolving in my role as a technology integrationist, I hope to deepen my use of tools that can help my students become stronger 21st Century learners and provide my brethren in the field with support and resources that have helped me with my own practice. 

I would love to stay connected with like-minded people who are also walking this journey:

Twitter: @craigcmartin12

FaceBook: Craig C Martin

Hi, My name is Roberto Ramirez, I´m mexican teacher for higher education and instructional designer for online courses. I work in the Polithecnic National Institute (IPN), in a small department of educational technolgy and virtual campus. I´m glad to participate in this important international academic event with experts and professionals.



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