Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello all,
I'm Miranda Clemson and I work as the Network Administrator for Kimball Union Academy in Meriden , New Hampshire, USA. I want to support our faculty as they use technology in the classroom (and out) and find new things for them to try.
I'm particularly interested in getting together with folks who are using video. We have just launched an in-house video sharing site, kind of our own YouTube, at and I'd like ideas on how we can best use it going forward.
Hi Everybody,

I am Angad, i am in my final year of graduation. I love to learn about new technologies and love challenges. I am exited to be a part Classroom as i think this would be a good platform for exchanging knowledge.
Hello all,
I'm Arlene from sunny southern California. Santa Clarita is near Magic Mountain for those of you who know California. I'm a teacher on special assignment as Ed Tech Specialist for our elementary school district. I'm the link between the classroom and IT, and it has worked extremely well.
Hi Arlene,

Perhaps you are already using it, but if not you may want to check out the many resources on ... The site was started for elementary students, but does include some content useful with older students. On the site, you will find personalized books (My Own Books), Famous Americans, and resources for math (including worksheets in excel that use random numbers), Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. I have recently added some Animal Tiles under Biology to print out and use with kids as you choose. One way to use them would be to paste each picture on an index card and let the children sort by the type of animals on the cards. There are special links for the Printable resources, and links that separate the music and movies. If you want to be informed what content is added new each month, drop me an email to my address at the bottom of most pages, and I will add you to my mailing list.

Hi everyone, my name is Paul Schwan. I teach fifth grade at St. Michael Lutheran School in Fort Myers, Florida. I enjoy using read-write web tools in my classroom -- especially podcasting and video podcasting. We're just starting to put things on our blog. We like to podcast our writing on our class website. Our latest video podcast features our first-ever Skype videoconference with Brian Crosby's class in Reno, Nevada. I hope you'll check us out; we love feedback!

I checked out your site. Good work is going on. Keep Sharing!!!
Thank you! The kids are really enjoying it, too, and becoming more motivated in the process. Thanks for the comment.

Hi, I'm Derrall Garrison, a sixth grade math and science teacher, who also assists with the technology needs of my district in Cupertino,CA. I've been exploring personal learning networks as a way to connect with others who share a similar passion. I am striving to seek these relationships for my professional development but also to feel less isolated from the many teachers in my district who refuse and are resistant to Web 2.0 tools. I'm looking forward to connecting and learning.
I would like to know if you have integrated your curriculum of mathematics with technology. Have you tried working with any web tool or software?
So far for this year we've created a "powers of ten" project using Google Earth using a screen capture app called Skitch, based on the Ray Eames movie (uploaded to Flickr). I've also been trying to do a few screencasts for students having difficulties with the math problems. Our wiki is here I've been more focussed on the science part of the students curriculum which seems to lend itself more easily to experimenting. I looked at your site and it looks like you are much further along in implementing math and technology than I am so thank you for posting it for me to follow :)
you know far more than you let on!
Derall Garrison,
I looked at your wiki. Your work is worth appreciating. It has given me an insight to start up collaborating through Wiki with my students. Let it be something in a list of resolutions for coming year.
Thanks for sharing this work 'n ' idea.



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