Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hey!  My name is Matt, and I teach middle and high school band in Oklahoma.  I hold Bachelor's and Master's degrees in music, and I'm looking forward to learning new and exciting things through this community.

I'm Tracy Brookes, currently on a Certificate of Education course, in Essex Uk. Been in the Beauty and Holistic Therapy industry for close to 15 years, owned my own Holistic Health and Beauty business for 5 and now can't wait to start teaching and creating amazing therapists!!! So if there are any other Beauty Therapy teachers out there that would to share their, highs, lows, tips and advice....then I am all ears :-)

Good afternoon,

My name is Wilson, I'm virtual tutor. I teach basic programming to a very special group of the Indian community of Guainia. It´s in the Colombian jungle. I have been teacher for many years, I really love my job. I am from Bogota, the capital of Colombia. The main challenges I have as a teacher are to update my knowledge using technology tools and deepen my programming skills. Constantly I am taking online courses.
Guainia is the most poor place in colombia, and I was impacted because the indians do not have access to the education like the big cities in the world for this reason I work every day to improve and help these excellent people.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Allison Imperio and I'm the technology integration teacher in Seymour, CT. Looking to collaborate with other teachers K-5. We just video conferenced for the first time with students in Texas grade K and 1. Looking to do more projects with other classrooms from around the world.

Hi, all !, I am a business woman training as a teacher, I would love to inspire students to be more entrepreneurial than we are encouraged to be. My Question is how do we or should education include in the curriculum good dept and bad dept ?

 To teach financial numeracy as part of maths and we teach attitudes to money (eg good debt bad debt) within PHSE or Mathematics or subject area within the higher education?

Hi, all. Back teaching part time in elementary school here in Hawaii after retiring about a year and half ago. More about my different career pathways and degrees in my profile. I am on my old campus to teach photography to 4th and 5th! (I am a long-time ago and yet again commercial photographer, too.) ...since leaving have been subbing, and missing the school environment a bit.
I always used technology, both computers hardware and collaborative software environments like blogs and wikis (when teaching older grades.) We're in a semi-rural area here on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I have posted a request for help in setting up the internals of my [student]photo capture and collaboration in a separate Forum post. Please help if you can.


jonathan rawle

Hi Everyone, Rajan here, building Flipped Learning Technology at

If you're looking to flip the class, get in touch with me - rajan(at)qlazzy(.)com

Hi, My name is Guluzar (Jenn), from Minooka, Ill. I am a student in Lewis University, hoping to become a special education teacher and hopefully someday make positive changes in some lives.

Hi, I am Sarah Langheld I am currently a pre-service canidate at Lewis University in Romeoville, IL. I have two kids one in 5th grade and one in 3rd grade. I am looking foward to using this site as a student myself and as a Special Education teacher one day.

Hi Megan,

As a student teacher, you may be interested in Google's library of lesson plans including history/ social sciences.  I've previously posted about this Google innovation into education and received positive feedback from educators.   

'Did you know that Google offers a sortable library of lesson plans [by subject and age of student] that are free to download and use? It’s part of the company’s big push into education and involves thousands of free lesson plans just waiting for you to try out.'

A Look At Google’s Massive Library Of Free Lesson Plans is posted by the Edudemic website which has also received positive comment in this forum.

There are also great Google tutorial courses on internet searching and advanced search techniques.



Hi all,

My name is Stacy Barbee.  I teach sixth grade math in the St. Louis area.  I've been teaching for nearly 20 years.  I was starting to feel like I was being passed by with the use of technology in my classroom.  Therefore, I decided to begin a masters program for educational technology.  That's what lead me here.  I'm excited by the wealth of information and strong collaboration provided here.

Hi Steve!  I am a member of your MightyBell space and I love it!

I have put together a collection of ebooks about teaching, learning, bullying, and integrating technology in an open Dropbox folder at this link:

I hope you like them!



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