Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello, I am John. I'm from Tiffin, Ohio, and teach Grade 4 Language Arts/Grade 4 Technology in a local rural school district. We are a smaller school district, and so many people come to me with their technology needs or things needing fixed. I've been fortunate enough to have a SMART board in my classroom for 5 years now, as well as a fairly good computer lab to take my students to.

My superintendent told me about this site just this week at school, and I have already spent hours reading.
Hello! I am an elementary librarian who would like to start an online book discussion with students. How do I start?
We discussed this a couple of months ago here. I tried several new options having used Blackboard in the past. You have to have a threaded discussion so there is the option to not only comment on the discussion question but also to comment on everyone else's comments. We did 2 books this semester --Airborn 5th and 6th grade and Peter and the Star Catchers 4th grade. We ended up using Moodle which works just fine.

We had about 50 kids involved and so you can imagine how many hours it took to reply---after 2000 responses I finally gave up! You can see the discussion by going to my website, click on the Moodle icon. Username and password: baguest. Let me know if you have any other questions, this is the fifth time I've done an online book discussion, N.

You may start collaborating through a wiki on
or start a blog on Students may add their reviews through comment box.
I was a US History teacher at Bellaire High School in Houston, TX and now I run courses on facebook.
Welcome! Your work sounds interesting but I could not find it. Can you send a link? I have a learning community site organized in a book module format in Drupal and am interested in seeing how your is organized. I am also a secondary social studies teacher. The maze has become an integral part of my classroom!

Sue P
Hi All,

I am a first grade teacher in Chicago. I am really interested in collaborating with colleagues and sharing resources. Please check out my blog, which is a collection of free resources for reading teachers!
Wonderful Sharing!!!
Hi Rashmi,
I now live in U.S. . Before coming here, I worked in India as a Science teacher for 14yrs .Its heartening to see that you guys are incorporating technology into the curriculum so well there too. I looked at some of ur slides, they are good. Congrats! Keep up your good work. I am doing M.A in Biology here and hope to be a teacher in one of the schools here one day.
Hi Geeta,
Nice to have you on this platform. I think its need of the hour to start up with these new strategies. I started my web journey in Dec 2006 when I got associated with CII Shiksha. Its a non profit organisation ,organising free workshops for teachers ,empowering them with the latest knowlege of integrating technology and Open Source tools in classroom. I am trying and experimenting with them in Indian situations. And I am happy to see a smile and excitement on students faces.

You sure have some wonderful resources on your website. Not a one of them did I know about before, and will soon add them to my website which also includes resources for teachers. While some of the resources I have can be used online, many of them can be printed and used as desired. For literacy, my most important resources if My Own Books: which features created-on-the-fly books for students from beginnners upward, which are personalized to the reader (they seem to have strong powers to draw the reader into the story since the story is about his/her own adventure, Many of them are adventures in history. You can find all of my resources at .

Thanks, Anne. I am going to look these over and add some of them to my blog!




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