Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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This is a repeat from my profile info, but here goes:

My name is Michael Skyer and I am a 2nd year PhD student in the University of Rochester's Warner School, in the Teaching and Curriculum program.

I grew up in Rochester, I have a BS in Fine Art from Rochester Institute of Technology (sculpture, printmaking, painting), and a MS in Secondary Deaf Education from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. I work at NTID/RIT where I teach composition and other writing classes to deaf and hard of hearing students.

My current research interests are in disabilities studies, literacy using multimodal methods of delivery, language development, cognition and consciousness, aesthetics and how they can impact literacy development. Other topics that I find fascinating include, teacher intensification (overloading), multiliteracies, qualitative research/ethnography, postmodernist/poststructural theory, and technology within globalism.
School / Work Affiliation
Rochester Institute of Technology and University of Rochester

My name is Mamta Roy.I am from India and am studying/working on my PhD from Cleveland State University in Cleveland Ohio.I have taught in International settings(International school in Dubai, we had students  72 nationalities so have a very good understanding of diversity and the world being a global village .I did my first Masters from India in English/Literature language and the written word really fascinates me! I love being a teacher too and lately am into online learning/teaching.In fact I am interested in the skill sets and competencies that are required to be effective online teachers.

hi everyone.  Lovena Sooben, Mauritius.  Glad to be here

Hello, my name is Ben Parker. I have been teaching for 13 years at places around the world but am now in Pennsylvania. I have been trying to integrate technology as well as cross-curricular projects and work and now get to be doing that in a 3rd grade class.

It great to be able to use technologies in class.  It helps in motivating the students and helps the retention of students

Hello Everybody ! I'm from Mauritius, Paradise Island in the Indian Ocean. Glad indeed to join classroom 2.0.


Hi Rajcoomaree, glad to see u on the platform. 

Hello everyone! My name is Barnali and I'm from India. I am a part time teacher and an M.Ed student. I really love teaching and I think its what I was made for. I've always wanted to become a teacher. So now I want to become a good one. Currently I need help with a project I have to do for my special paper, Educational technology. Could anyone suggest a topic for this project? As India is a developing country, not many technological devices are used here. But we are trying to change it. I don't want anything too complex though. I think smartphones in school classrooms can be a topic. What do you all think? Please please help me.

Hello there, my name is Nona Barker. I am from Rocky Mountain House, AB, Canada. I am a Teacher-Librarian who works with both a public and a Catholic school. I love my job!

I am taking a MET degree through Boise State and found this fantastic site via my courses there. This site is one of the best places to "develop" professionally! Thank you.


Hello everyone,

My name is Fatma Al Amir from Dubai in  United Arab Emirates , IT professional . 

Salutations.  I'm Valerie Wagner in the wilds of suburban Maryland.  I'm not a teacher yet, but working towards it.  Not sure what grade level I'm interested in, but since I don't know anything about anything yet, I hope I have time to figure that out too.  So I'm intimidated and anxious, but here I am.  

Hi Everyone,

Bob Birch, the school counsellor at a K-12 school in Boissevain, MB, Canada.

I am a husband, father, educator, and sports enthusiast.



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