Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Your English is fine. I teach English to Students of Other Languages (ESOL) in my school. Your reseach sounds interesting!
But I´m work hard to do this simple phrases, with lots of grammatical´s hole.
Thank you, you´re very kind!
I did an initial foray into podcasting for faculty development We didn't get the readership we had hoped but I think its a great idea.
Andrew Pass, West Bloomfield, MI. I'm lookign forward to communicating with everybody.
Hello, all. I'm Shaun, a grad student in Ed Tech at Western Mich, elementary teacher, and former Peace Corps volunteer.
I am an instructional technology specialist working in the Plainville Community Schools in Plainville, CT. I have been a teacher for 15 years. The highlight of my career was the two years I spent teaching computer studies and I.B. at the International School of Stavanger, Norway (1998-2000.)

I work primarily with middle school and high school, although I have worked with technology at virtually every grade. I am interested in Open Source Software, such as Moodle, WordPress, DokuWiki, phpBB, phpSurveyor, among others. I administer a Web 2.0 web server running Redhat Academic Server 4. Its our 2.0 sandbox.

My goal is to get teachers excited about web-based collaboration tools. I want to help improve education by supporting students as they work together to solve "real world" problems using project-based learning models.
Hello everyone! I've just joined - I'm a college teacher and web based education specialist from Victoria, BC, Canada. Great to meet you all and try this new tool. Looks like fun!

I'm a UK IT and Technology teacher who has been teaching overseas (Seychelles) for the past five years. Previously a software engineer, I'm now 15 years into my teaching career and loving every minute of it.

I'm keen to try out some 'Web 2.0'-aided ideas with my students so I'll be quizzing you all for ideas.
I'm Alice Mercer. I'm a fifth grade teacher at an elementary school in Sacramento, Calif. I've been teaching about 10 years starting with 3 years as a substitute in Oakland, CA. I also spent three years teaching at a community day school (for expelled students). I've used blogs/mailing lists/web pages for years in my personal life (I even did a bit of BBSing before web browsers came along). I've used technology in my classroom since I've had my own classroom, but I don't think it's been effective until the last 2 years.

I have a husband of 20 years, Terry, and a son Leroy (who is 8).

I'm in the Roseville area. Would be fun to come visit your classroom at some point. :)

Sure, after testing? The kids LOVE visitors, and I like 'em too.
OK, ping me when it would be good timing.



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