Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi Tim, welcome to classroom 20. This is a great place to be to share and gather ideas. Check out the links, forums and groups that you might be interested in and you will be on your way. I also have a commerce background but teach mainly information technology now.
Hi every one I am Javed. I am professor of Civil Engineering at Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio.

I am interested in Online teaching and learning and the use of Information communication technology(ICT) to enhance and augment the instructional process.

I am developing an online Master's program in Structural Engineering and currently working on developing online courses to support this program. I recently completed one online course in the area of Engineering Communications.

Information Technology Tools for Engineers

and currently I am porting an existing online course Engineering Computing to Ning at web address to add social aspects of learning to the course.

There are several other Engineering courses that are at various stages of development.

The course "Information Technology Tools for Engineers" is in the area of Information Communication Technology in which Engineering graduates learn to efficiently use the Internet for gathering, sharing and creating digital information. The course also covers topics related to social book marking,social media, and social networking along with the Internet tools for real time communication.

I started teaching the course with a class Yahoo group but moved it to the Ning in the middle of the semester because Yahoo group was becoming unreliable. So far Ning has worked well. There are few things I miss from Yahoo group such as a simple data base application where tabular information can be organized and I have compensated for it by using the MS Excel. Also, a quick poll/assessment set up. I have found few alternatives to compensate for that too. It is just that people have to leave Ning to use these two tools. It would have been nice if all the tools were available under the same interface.

I am practicing what I call "Open Professor" model. That is that the class is open to any interested visitors/guests. They can participate in the course discussion use all the course material. Only difference between them and the students who are enrolled for credit is that they decide their own level of participation and they will not receive any performance appraisal from me unless they request for it but they will not receive any course grade.

You are all welcomed to visit the course at

Information Technology Tools for Engineers

My Websites
Hello Javed. thank you for your very detailed introduction. I found it extremely interesting as I have a son working in London working as a structural engineer. You are certainly very involved in many things and will have a lot to offer classroom20. So, welcome!
Hello all,

I am a technology instructor in my K-5 building in Pennsylvania. Looking forward to chatting and learning with all of you. This is my 2nd year as a tech instructor after teaching 7 years in 3rd and 4th grade classrooms. Drop me a line.
I´m an ICT-educator from Smedjebacken, Sweden. I try to get our teachers involved in digital competence and learning with media. It´s not that easy, but I find it so amazing to get envolved with project directed to the pupils.

And then I stumbled on to the classroom 2.0, and whaoo there are some people out there who just love web 2.0 and medialitercy and all kind of digital learningtools. Thanx for all your nice tips... love them :)

Hello Anders. There are a lot of people who just love web2.0 and are willing to share their knowledge with others. I have also found some great tips here, made some wonderful friends and enjoyed the discussions and forums.
Hello All,
Carol Smith, former teacher of English, newly hired teacher-educator, West Chester, PA, U.S.A.

I am just beginning a new career as assistant professor of literacy. I'll work with undergraduate education majors and graduate students pursuing a masters' degree in reading. My primary research interest is computer-based learning experiences that develop students' literacy and prepare them to participate in global learning communities. I am especially interested in computer-based learning amongst students of lower socioeconomic status and students who demonstrate learning differences. So I figure it's high time for me to join a global learning community myself.
I look forward to learning from practicing teachers who engage students in web-based learning communities.
Welcome Carol. You are in great community here. You will find lots to interest in this classroom.
I am Mary Ellen Lynch in Montreal, Canada. I am teaching grade 2 this year but will go back to grade one next year as we loop. I am very excited to find this community. I am getting hooked on technology. I found Jane Krauss and we are going to connect about butterflies.
Hi Mary Ellen, My name is Katie and I'm a part-time teacher in Melbourne Australia. My school is structured with Preps as single grades but the 1& 2 together, 3 & 4 together and 5 & 6 together with several classes of each. We have just begun talking about moving to single grades next year and I was interested in your schools "loop" theory. Do I gather that the teacher moves up a grade with the students? (I'm guessing for reasons of continuity and relationship building?) Could you tell me more about it please. I'd be interested in taking the idea to my Principal. Cheers xKatie
Hi Katie,
I was just looking through the introductions to see if I introduced myself and saw your comment. I would like to connect with you. Yes, the teacher moves up with the class though we stay in the same classroom. In September I will take a grade 1 class and keep them for grade two. Relationship building is a big plus. We don't lose time at the beginning of grade 2 getting to know the kids. We can move on where we left off. We know the kids better - their strengths and weaknesses. I created an edublog in April - My first try at it. I am new to Classroom 2.0 and Love it!.
Hello everyone Allyson McDowell in New York. High School of Fashion. I am in a Technology Integration program at New York Institute of Technology and i am so glad to be a part of this community.



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