Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi I'm Simon Borgert a teacher at Beaconhills College in Pakenham, Victoria, Australia.I currently teach Middle School Maths / Science to Year 5 & 7 as well has having the huge job of Head of Middle School Learning. We currently use Moodle as a LMS at my school and I am a keen user of all forms of technology. My Year 5's have fully embraced the use of discussion forums and it is really effectively extended the school day.

I was introduced to this website at a conference a couple of weeks ago.
Hello. I'm James Herbert the Microsoft Networking Technologies instructor at Fountainhead College of Technology. (I teach Microsoft stuff).
You would think that it would be obvious how to incorporate Web 2.0 into a Microsoft course. It's not as simple as it seems...

I like to think of myself as an early adopter. Turns out that most of my students are not.

My blog is here and I would like to think that I am contributing something or at least giving it a good honest effort ;-)
It would be best if I used the right url. wordpress has a D in it.

Thank you Anne Mirtschin for helping point that out.
Hi All,
I'm Catherine Hainstock, a teacher-librarian at a small alternative school in Melbourne Australia.
I'm a bit of an ICT addict, trying to be sensible about introducing ICTs to our primary school. the kids love 'em -- the teachers are slowly warming. I'm looking forward to being part of this very active online community.
Welcome Catherine,
I just joined the site myself last week, and I too look forward to participating in this community. I am a newly hired assistant professor of literacy at a university in Pennsylvania, USA (after 13 years as a teacher of middle & high school students, and several years as a literacy coach). My primary research interest is in how teachers engage students in computer-based learning via ICT's, how that learning presents unique demands for some student subgroups, and what sort of professional development is most helpful for teachers (especially the "slowly warming" ones you mention). Do you provide professional development opportunities for your teachers? And can you say more about "trying to be sensible about introducing ICTs"?
Also, it's fine with me if you refuse, but I just thought I'd ask if you're OK with my including your remarks in my data collection. Either way, I'm happy to know your thoughts and experiences.
Again, welcome.
Carol Smith

My name is Kevin Smith and I am a middle school science teacher in northeast Pennsylvania. I teach both 7th grade life science and 8th grade physical science. I am also the MathCounts coach for our school. This year we made it to the state finals again where we finished in the top half.

I have a blog called Siyensya. The word siyensya is Bisaya for science. Bisaya, or Cebuano, is the language spoken in the southern Philippines. My wife is Filipina. We are going back to the Philippines in two weeks to visit family. I will be teaching a few science lessons there in the local school. I have some video from three years ago when I taught the three color density lab to over 100 students here. I am adding video of all my best labs and demos on my site and hope to interact with other science teachers to make these activities even better.

Last year I started a non profit called the Southern Philippine Children's Shelter Our goal is to open a shelter that includes a small school so we can take in some of the street kids and get them out of poverty. When I return to the Philippines this summer, I hope to find a place to rent so we can start our plans. I will be there for two months and I will be posting often if you would like to follow my dream and mission.

We have already had a food and clothing drive so far. Our blog is here,

Hello, Kevin, what wonderful things you are doing! Please keep us informed of your progress. Welcome to
Hi all,

I'm Nancy Scofield from Colorado City, Colorado, USA. I teach high school and college English, and I'm fortunate to be a trainer for our district's 1:1 laptop initiative. We're currently being trained in Moodle and will begin training other teachers starting next week. Exciting times!

With my daughter, I started a program at our high school last year called GIFT (Girls In Fun Technology). Last year it was an after-school club, but we are working on making it a class for next school year.
Welcome Nancy, to Girls and technology is a topic that always interests me as well, especially as I teach technology as a dedicated subject. Girls so often lack confidence in their own ability and it is wonderful that you are encouraging them in this area.
Nancy, I just started a HS girls tech club called Digital Divas 2.0. We set up our own Ning site (with no ads!) and will be using the site to stay in touch, share resources, and post examples of work. Our focus is on creative applications of technology such as digital photography, making movies, blogging, etc. I'd love to get ideas of what you have done with your program.
I am the online training coordinator for the Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I'm excited to explore the site more and learn!
Hi April and welcome. There is a lot to explore here. Don't forget to join in some of the groups/discussions and make friends.



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