Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi. I'm Laura from Illinois. I teach elementary art in Chicago suburbs. Taking a class on technology and just found out about this forum. Thanks, Meg!
Greetings and salutations... I'm Jason O'Quinn from the southern suburbs of Denver, Colorado. I teach 7th grade Language Arts & Geography. I actually got introduced to this Ning in a Web 2.0 for Teachers class. I've barely stuck my toe in the water here, but I'm excited by all the resources and collaboration available!
I'm Vee and I am in Cary North Carolina, just west of Raleigh. I've taught 7th grade Lang. Arts for almost 10 years and am, like someone below just 'dipping in my toe' but hoping to be kept from drowning as I want to jump farther into the waters of 2.0. I have classes of 32 but virtually no computers to speak of, so I want to to hear how you incorporate blogs, wikis, etc. into your days.
Hi all, this is Sunil from London, UK. This seems to be very lively and active forum and I look forward to meeting some or many of you either virtually or in person. My background includes a bit of elearning, content development, School Management and Administration Systems, Online Examinations systems, College Portals, etc.. I am a relative newbie to this and I hope to learn a lot from this forum.. Keep up the good work folks....

This may be a bit Web 1.0, rather than 2.0; however, I am excited to share something that does work amazingly well re: integrating technology into the language-based classroom. I also like the fact that it's a "green" thing and saves on my paper budget.

Iused the Microsoft Word "Replace" function to program in eighty or so canned responses with a quick teaching tool to place in bubble comments on students' word processing docs. Students really read these comments, as they have to respond/revise accordingly. Of course, I also add on personalized comments. But this is a time-saver and effective. See what you think!
Thank you Mark for sharing this. It is wonderful when we find things that work, using no matter what tools. Validation is such an important skill for students or any of us to use and the existence of auto correct makes us all lazy.
I'm Wendy Randall. I am a primary school teacher in Brisbane, Australia. I teach a year 4/5 class and we have just started blogging this year and are learning how to use the Web2.0 tools together. We have a number of teachers in our school who are involved in blogging and using Web2.0 tools with their students. I am looking forward to learning a lot more.
I'm Kathy Gryta. I'm a native of Houston Texas, but now living in Buda (between Austin and San Marcos) Texas. After a brief stint teaching high school Physics, Geology, and Computer Science back in the 80's I resurfaced as an elementary campus technologist in 2002. After doing that for a few years I moved up to working with middle school teachers, and I feel like I've found my niche. I act as a technology mentor, trainer, coach, and troubleshooter for my campus, as well as handling their campus web page. It's something different every day, and I love it!
Hi, I'm Melissa and I'm located in Minnesota. I work for the Osseo School District (in the twin cities). I am working with technology integration - the tech support side. I'm interested in all of these great web 2.0 resources and web based applications. Communities like these are a great place to collaborate. I wish more teachers in our district participated in these great communities.
Hi, I'm a third grade teacher in Maryland. I've been highly focused on meeting the needs of "digital natives" during my career. Recently, I moved on from teaching second grade. We used Nings and Wikis like crazy and my students thoroughly enjoyed working collaboratively online with a class in Thailand. I'm looking for other like-minded educators and any fabulous ideas you might have!
Hi! I am Lynn Casey. I am very new to Classroom 2. 0 and using Web 2.0 tools. Beginning this school year I will be the media specialist at a school in which I have been working (as an English teacher) for the past 10 years. I learned about Classroom 2.0 through a course I am taking for my EdS. I am very interested in getting information/advice from anyone about how to introduce the Web 2.0 tools to the teachers at my school. I would particularly like to know which ones are the best for high school.

Hi All

I am new to this community and new to the whole idea of social networking. I teach science at a public high school and am currently working on my masters in Library Science. I am currently putting together a brief presentation about Second Life and its role in education. I thought this might be a place to get me started in exploring new avenues for teaching and learning.




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