Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello everyone,
I am Karl Asher, a 12th grade teacher at Edna Karr High School in New Orleans. I teach World History and AP European History. I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with everyone on way to incorporate technology in the classroom.
Welcome Karl. What is AP European History?
I trust this site provides great professional nourishment that it has for me. Teaching is even more fun when we collaborate in forums such as these. I hope to read your contributions soon.
Hello, everyone! I'm Stephanie Bullock from The Lovett School in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I just watched/listened to Steve H.'s webcast on this Classroom 2.0 ning, and my brain is overflowing! I'm looking forward to all I'm going to learn here.
hi steve

i'm in texas. i designed after losing someone dear. while it is

to raise money it is also to save lives. in addition to educating.
Hi everyone! My name is Jessica, I teach middle school humanities in Chicago. We have a newer one-to-one laptop program, and I'm learning lots as I run. I'm looking forward to the professional development opportunities here; thanks to Darren Kuropatwa for introducing this at blc08.
Hey all, I'm a new teacher in the SF Bay Area. Looking right now for a placement as a High School Social Science teacher. I'm definitely a computer geek and enjoy technology, and want to figure out how to better incorporate it and use it in the classroom.
Greetings to Classroom 2.0 members.
I am the new kid on the block.....Jim Bosco. My friend Karen Henke invited me to join and I appreciate the invitation. I am currently involved with a project sponsored by the MacArthur foundation and based at CoSN dealing with policy and leadership issues pertaining to Web 2.0 in K-12 schools. I can understand why some will see Web 2.0 as just the latest technology buzz word but I think it is...or at least can be...a deeply significant basis for creating major change in the establishment of learning enviornments in our schools. I look forward to some good and challenging exchanges on what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong, and about how we can make what we can best imagine a reality for our kids.
I'm thrilled that you received this grant. It's totally up my alley (right now). I work for a k-8 science curriculum and we are currently developing a photo-sharing tool for kids in schools. As you can imagine, we are facing a number of challenges especially in regards to the law and children's right to privacy. While the legal barriers to participation may seem like a huge burden and at times over cautions, they can't be ignored. Here are some of the issues we are currently facing:

1) To protect children's privacy, we ask that kids don't post images of faces and names.

2) We wanted kids to attach a CC license to their photos, however, if they are under 18 they CANNOT attach a CC license to anything (we've been in discussion with Ahrash Bissell at the creative commons on this issue). Kids under 18 cannot enter into a legal agreement. (btw - you have to enter into a legal agreement to have an email address, download a song from itunes, or have a MySpace account. )

3) We cannot assign distinct username and passwords to students because that means students have to give us personal information without parental permission. For a large curricular initiative like ours, parental permission is a huge barrier to participation.

That being said, what it means for people like us, is that we have to construct a parallel web 2.0 universe that takes into account the highly regulated environment of public schools.
Hi everyone, I'm Bart, a geography (and sciences) teacher from Northern Belgium. I'm expecting a fruitful cooperation with other geography teachers as well as with web lesson developers.
Hello all.
Your site is the most dynamic and constructive social networking site I have seen. It feels like a true dialogue. I have been working with educators and education policy makers since 1996, primarily as a writer. My first big project was to write a technology in education vision for the state of Ohio ( and I am happy to see it finally happening. I've had the opportunity since then to work on a variety of exciting education issues, especially the definition of quality professional learning and advocacy for strong arts education programs. I feel the challenges of arts integration and educational technology need to be more connected.

I am happy to have an opportunity to interact with and learn from teachers from around the world.

Deb Vrabel
I'm an italian teacher. I'm very interested to understand better what and how I can use web resources to improve my lessons and teaching ability. In Italy we had to study two years after university to be "allowed" to teach and now I'm starting the second year. I and my university collegues opened a social network to share our works (pps, doc and pdf) and information about our courses. This year I used a LMS (Docebo) with my student (yes, now I teach even if I'm not abilitated but I can have I contract one year long) and I appreciated some aspect. I hope to find here more suggestion to reach my goals.
Thank you for your work!
Just added my first post ...

I am a junior and senior English language arts teacher in Kansas. Recent newlywed, no kids, 2 dogs (children with fur).

I strive to prep my students for the world they enter upon leaving HS ... reading, writing, speaking, listening, digital world participation.

Our school is launching a 1:1 tablet pc initiative this year. I'm thrilled, but most of my colleagues are frightened or ticked. My admin leans pretty hard on me to make this a successful venture as I'm considered the "techy" teacher in our tiny HS. It's a little scary! I'm SOOO glad I found this forum, it may be my life saver! I wish I had discovered it before the end of the summer so I could dig around. I co-author a site with our library media specialist on free tech tools for the classroom.

Thanks! I look forward to learning form others on this forum.



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