Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I am Karin, a technologist at UIC, hoping to learn more great stuff from this classroom 2.0 ning site.
Hello everyone!

My name is Eli Gideon Steier. I am grateful for my life and I really enjoy it!

I am originally from Queens, but now reside on Long Island. I am a former professional actor who cares deeply about education.

I have a lot of varied interests which include, but are not limited to: biking, reading, writing, fishing, farming, languages, exploring, sustainability, construction, playing frisbee, the outdoors, learning about anything and everything!

I have found that every individual brings a unique perspective to the world and I look forward to learning from the various people on Classroom 2.0 .

I am also a passionate, young, certified English teacher currently looking for a teaching position on. Long Island. For those that are in charge of hiring on Long Island, I can assure you that it will be difficult to find a teacher who will work as hard for the students as I will.
Hello. I am Les Hall from Penzance in Cornwall, England. I'm an Art and Media teacher.
Hi everyone,

My name is Neal Grigsby and I am recently graduated from MIT's Comparative Media Studies program where I worked on the New Media Literacies Project under Dr. Henry Jenkins. There I created educational materials around media production, including blogging, video games, and Wikipedia. I've recently been trying to apply what I learned to a Web 2.0 project called It is a website that allows younger children to create and share their own picture books. We give them various tools to collaborate, connect with and learn from their peers, and circulate their books.

The team just yesterday released an update to the site that enables teachers to register their classrooms very easily, and track student work through a teacher dashboard. Thought it might be of interest to the folks here, and am eager to hear your perspectives on it. It's a little rough around the edges at the moment, and I really want to make it a useful tool for teachers! So please tell me what you think!

Thank you,
My name is Beth, I am an administrator for an online MA program at UMass Boston.
We just launched our NING site for our 100 online students and I am steering the ship--- I need all the hep I can get!!
Hi, I'm Diana. I have recently started my first blog in attempt to better communicate with the teachers in my district. I work in the curriculum department, training, mentoring and coaching teachers in reading instruction. Please take a look at it and let me know your ideas. All opinions are valued. Thank you.
Hi, my name is Kevin Gilchrist. I teach Social Studies in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I'm always looking for good ideas to incorporate into my own teaching practice, and I'm very interested in integrating technology and Web 2.0 tools more in my classroom this coming school year, and subsequent years. I look forward to making some contacts and networking with other teachers in various disciplines, learning from others, and also contributing some ideas as well.
Hello, My name is Gina and I live in Minneapolis, MN - I teach computer technology to Adult Basic Ed students through the Minneapolis Public School system. I am very excited this year to be using a variety of new technologies, including wikis, video, and a new iMac lab. I am also considering using cellphones as a tech tool in the classroom. Anyone else doing this? I'd love some help.
I look forward to learning and sharing ideas and experiences.
G'day all

I'm Stuart Walsh, a teacher who comes from Dubbo NSW Australia. I teach in the Senior High School here, teaching Information Technology 11-12, Information Processes and Technology 11-12, Information and Software Technology 8-10 and Electronics 8-12, and sometimes Photography.

Our school is broken up into 3 campuses comprising two junior campus' and one senior campus, junior from years 7 to 9, and senior from years 10 to 12.
Hi everyone!

I am Max Egger from Graz, Austria. I am studying Marketing at the ReSoWi in Graz and I am glad to meet you all!
Hi there I'm Jeff, currently I work for a small Private school in CT as a 7th grade technology teacher. I'm a self-taught computer guy who grew up playing only the best multiplayer online games and tearing apart whatever computer equipment I could get my hands on!
Hello! My name is Kate, I'm a former classroom teacher - high school biology, anatomy, and physics - from Houston, TX, and I'm a current student of the web 2.0. Can't wait to join discussions and get to know some of you and your ideas better!



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