Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Greetings to the network users! I am very impressed with the set up of this site, and I am looking forward to learning more from the many actively engaged members. I am a teacher educator exploring the uses of web 2.0 in the classroom both at the college level and in secondary schools. The introductory tour by Steve was easy to follow and informative. And the companion wiki site on Wikispaces also has much to offer. I think I will be visiting this site often. I have many questions, but I'll start with one: what is the advantage of having a Twitter presence? Thanks. Sandra
I'm not pro-twitter but there are a lot of twitterers here. Do a search for twitter and you'll have more opinions than you need! Welcome aboard. N
I am a 2nd year history and leadership teacher in the vancouver school district in sw washinton state. I teach in a high poverty middle school and think that online learning environments will greatly benefit out student population. Therefore, I really want to learn more about establishing a SUCCESSFUL online community for my students and keep up to date on the latest innovations for use in the classroom.
You came to the right place, let us know if you need any help being "led" to appropriate resources. N.
I am currently working at the MathScience Innovation Center in Richmond, VA delivering courses and professional development through Moodle and Elluminate Live...math, science and technology. Completed a Masters in Instructional Technology through Virginia Tech three years ago. Really enjoyed the opportunity for fellowship and learning at NECC this summer!
Welcome to Classroom 2.0. I'm sure you'll find information of interest to you here. Feel free to start a discussion and I'm sure you'll have others join in. N.
Hello all,
I am Bruce Mullen, I teach Middle School Physical Science In Connecticut, USA. I received my teaching certification 5 years ago in math and science both 7-12 as a mid-career shift.

My undergraduate work and former profession (prior to becoming a teacher) was in manufacturing as a mechanical engineer.

In any spare time I can find I enjoy farming and I tutor high school students in the advanced math and physical science courses. I would like to move this tutoring work to an on-line environment but as yet I do not know how.

I was introduced to Classroom2.0 through classmates in an online Education Technology graduate program through the University of Connecticut which I hope to complete at the close of this fall term. At this point I know little about Classroom2.0 and less what I can do with it. Looking forward to an awesome new online experience!!!

This is a great environment to learn about technology in the classroom. The discussions range from the riduculous to the sublime, from discussion of a specific web tool to how to set up networks. There is something for everybody. If you have a specific interest like blogging, wikis or distance learning do a search by topic and you will find archived discussions that have taken place over the last 18 months. If you can't find your answer then you can post a "discussion" in the forum. The "Start Discussion" button is at the bottom of the forum. Feel free to comment on other discussion or post a new discussion. N.
Great! Thanks for the tips.

Hi everyone. I'm Rhonda Berger. I am in training at Miami Dade College and very interested in Web 2.0 technologies for supporting instruction. I also teach an Educational Technology class and use blogs, wikis and a little bit of Second Life to support this class.
Welcome to Classroom 20, I'm sure you'll find some helpful information here. N.
Hello all! My name is Mark Fuson and I am a secondary English teacher in Indiana. I have a 1:1 classroom where I have utilized webquests, course management programs (Moodle), and various student projects utilizing technology. I am starting to use wiki, RSS feeds, and blogs and am looking for great ideas and some emotional support!;)



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