Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I'm not a teacher. I found my way to one of your book discussions about science fiction, and since one of the things I have come to do is recommend books for people, both on my website and on my live journal, I pitched in--only I had to join to pitch in! I doubt I have much to contribute to most of your fora, but since I do have the time to read a lot of books, I hope no one will mind if I contribute there!

Tamora Pierce
Hi all! I'm a student getting my Mild2Moderate credential in the Accelerated Collaborative Teaching (ACT) program at CSUN. I'm about to enter my 2nd (and final) semester... I hope to get a job special ed. working with students w/autism. I hope to meet others who are in the field, as well!

* I would like to learn how to help my students (w/autism or in special ed resource classes) use sites like this to enhance writing & social skills exercises. Thanks to all for your dedication to the profession!
Georgia Virtual School has had several autistic students be rather successful taking online classes! I know it is a challenging group to work with since the spectrum is so broad!
Good point, that! I worked with students of different levels. I was thinking of someway of enhancing the writing & social skills via IM & e-mail... I'll look into GVS.. thx!
Hi from Cincinnati. I'm a 2nd year English teacher. I'm looking for new ways of connecting old literature to my students. I'm also looking to collaborate with teachers and students especially in England. I teach 5 sections of British Literature.
Take a Look at Google Lit Trips and Kevin's Heroic Journey. Great ways to connect old lit to new tools. I've also seen blogs written as literary figures or historical characters.

Saludos del Profesor de Lengua Castellana y Literatura JULIO ATENCIO les escribo desde el Callao Capital del ceviche en el Perú.soy docente de Instituto , Espero ciompartir con ustedes experiencias yconocimientos .Feliz navidad para todos
Hola Julio!
Del ceviche y de fantásticos escritores! aquí en Buenos Aires cada vez tenemos mas restaurantes peruanos, me encanta el ceviche de mariscos!!! Sería interesante hacer algo juntos. Profesor de que edades eres? cómo es el ciclo escolar en Perú, entran en vacaciones ahora?feliz año para ti
un abrazo
Hi everyone. Laurent Burman here - I'm new to the field of education (18 months now with GlobalScholar) having worked in consumer, internet and mobile technology for the past 9 yrs (P&G, Amazon, Helio) so I'm eager to learn from educators what works/doesn't both on the technology/tools front and with respect to your kids. I believe I can bring some experience around applying these in the consumer space to the conversation - but of course, you'll all be the judge of that. :-)
The non-profit that I work for is considering a plan to introduce mobile broadband (WiMAX) to K12 school districts, nationwide. I am interested in understanding how students can benefit from secure, wireless access to coursework and the Internet.

"where do I begin?" WOW, what an undertaking! I live in a rural poor Georgia county and they do have internet access, but so few do at home. I work with Georgia Virtual School which is a state-sponsored program which offers college prep online classes. Student NEED access to these courses and the mobile broadband sounds perfect! Tell us more!

Harriet Langford
Harriet, I am interested to hear more about how mobile broadband might be used in virtual schools as my background is in wireless not education. My intial research shows that virtual school programs would be a great place for the introduction of mobile broadband. It seems like many of these students are severly home-bound and could benefit from accessing their on-line coursework and the Internet from any field, dentist office, grandparents house. Your thoughts?



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