Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Leslie, I will reply via email later....there is a lot to discuss here!!!
You guys should post this is a discussion'd get a lot of interest!
Nancy, Good suggestion but I am new to Classroom2.0. Can you tell me how to do this? thanks a bunch.
Sure, go to the main page and scroll down to the bottom of the section called FORUM, you will see START DIISCUSSION. Click there and write what you want to write adding appropriate tags, and then sit back and wait. Let me know if you need any more help.
There are also students who because of some extraordinary talents, are frequently out of school pursuing a tennis, motocross, or acting career. They miss so much school that they cannot keep up! We do serve some of these students, and unless they have sponsors, cannot afford broadband but are always looking for wi-fi hotspots.
One of the most frequent sad stories that I hear though is that of a student who is really motivated to learn, but because of family finances, cannot afford a computer much less internet access! Those students can take the class at school, but because they must ride the bus to and from school, cannot come early or stay late! So many schools need computers that can be checked out...and then the broadband access would be a true gift!!
Mobile broadband will work for those who have the hardware available.....and home school students whose families travel frequently, taking the kids on educational trips, etc. could certainly benefit from mobile broadband, but that is not reaching the students who truly need access to 21st century learning, and who cannot afford broadband!
Harriet - this is great feedback for me. I am really trying to get grounded in the requirements and use cases of distance learners and you have profiled several. Question for you. Would you be interested to participate in a panel discussion at conference taking place in Boca Raton in Feb 2009? Background below. If you are intersted or can recommend someone who might be, pls contact me at

Background - I am organizing a panel discussion for NEBSA 2008 (National Educational Broadband Services Assoc.) which takes place in Boca Raton on Feb 23-26. Would you be able to recommend someone in your network who would be interested in participating in a panel on the topic of technology requirements for K12 Online Education, specifically someone who might address the topic of mobile/wireless technology for online learners? The NEBSA membership would be interested to hear a perspective on how mobility could improve online education and how they might support these activities.
I will discuss with some of our team and get back to you!
Hi, I am a school counselor with Georgia Virtual School. I work on the Support Team (from anywhere I have my MacBook) and we are currently preparing a presentation on differentiating in online classes - both assignments and assessments. We are offering fun yet practical ways to use Web 2.0 tools to increase interactivity, fit varied learning styles and build sense of community! All suggestions welcomed!
Hi Everyone! It's nice to be here. I am a psychologist at our local mental health center and looking for information and collaboration on serving the mental health needs of children together. I work with children directly, and also oversee the mental health case managers from our center. We are partnered with the schools in our district. I am also very interested in the use of technology in this area.
Hi, I'm Rand, a 3rd grade teacher in Portland, Oregon. This is my fourth year teaching. Last year I discovered the school's smartboard gathering dust in the computer lab and appropriated it for my classroom. I am now hooked on trying to find new, innovating ways to use media and technology in the class.
You will definately find what you need here!! The latest thing we did with our youngest class (2nd-3rd) was Each kid wrote and illustrated a book which is housed online. BUT you or parents can buy the book in paperback or hardback. We based the books on the Dairy of a Worm series, each kiddo chose an animal, researched and wrote and illustrated the book. One of the girls did Diary of an Anteater---my favorite page? An art farm picture --caption "Our class had an ant farm, I ate the ants!!" My co-teacher designed workpages to organize the whole project (she'll share) and we had our Author's Tea for parents today. It was fun.
thanks! I'll check that out.



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