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I've taught 4th grade for the past 20 years. Ever since becoming involved in the TLP project back in 2000, I've become very excited and interested in tech integration and its impact on student learning/motivation. I am here to learn and grow, gather new ideas and become more effective with teaching and watch the students grow in their digital world.
I am a professor at Lipscomb University, working with K-12 educators, both at the undergraduate and graduate level... although most of my career was in the high school classroom. My passion has always been technology... since the early 80s... since the beginning of of desktop computers. In 2000, I switched my interest to online education. Over the last couple years, I have been focusing on Web 2.0 technologies. I will be teaching a new course this spring that will focus on Web 2.0 technologies. Classroom 2.0 will definitely be part of that course!
Hello! My name is Tim Madden, and I teach 6th grade English (and math a bit ago) in Grand Ledge, Michigan.

I am very interested in getting my students exposed to Web 2.0 options. We have only one computer lab to use, so I need to make the most of each experience.

I also am encouraging other staff to educate themselves on these opportunities and see what an impact things like Skype, student blog commenting, wikis, etc., can have on their students.

I look forward to reading and conversing with others on this site.

Hi everyone! I am a 4th grade teacher in North Carolina and I am excited to connect with all of you! I hope to share my knowledge and experience and learn from others as well!
Hi I am Maggi, currently in Korea teaching English, but will be returning to Australia end of January 2009, to expand the Virtual Classroom. I have learnt so much from this site, and met some very exciting teachers and concepts. I am always excited about linking with other teachers from around the world, and find this site a wonderful source of everything that is Education.
Hello everyone! I am a 7th/8th grade Language Arts and Reading teacher in Carbondale, Illinois. I have been trying out a lot of the technology and options available to educators, such as blogs and wikis, on my own for some time now, but as of yet I have not integrated it into my classroom. It seems like I just haven't had the time to work out all of the "bugs," such as security and privacy issues, as well as things like computer lab time. But, this coming semester I am hoping to start utilizing some of the things that I have learned. I will have a student teacher who spent Tuesday and Thursdays in my classroom the first semester off the year, so she is already familiar with my students and the way my classroom runs and is already comfortable teaching in my room. I hope that her presence and planning will free me up to work on some of these issues and maybe she and I can even learn together as we collaborate on some projects. Being a college student, she might even be able to teach me a thing or two! I just recently joined Classroom 2.0, so I am looking forward to collaborating with and learning from all of you as well!
Welcome Jackie, my advice is to start small with willing participants first. If you start a blog, for instance, choose only a few from each class to get started. If you let all your 150 kids start at the same time the whole thing will run amuck!! You'll spend hours commenting and monitoring.

Make sure you decide why you want your kids to blog--authentic writing and personal reflection is a great start. Make sure you have a AUP to prevent unwanted behavior. My gifted 4-6th graders have blogged at A Really Different Place for 3 years, check out Recent Posts to see student writing. Our "rules" are posted at the top. My blog is on the "front page".
Hello Classroom 2.0! I am Adam, a third grade teacher in Centreville, Virginia. I have been teaching for five years and have the great fortune of working in a school with access to new technologies- Smartboard/Notebook, an LCD in every gen ed classroom, good quality scanners and scanning photocopiers, etc.
I am always looking for fresh ideas to link technology with powerful, meaningful instruction.

Right now, I'm working on developing my student's conception of "history" by guiding them along an exploration of their own family history, using the out-of-print "My Backyard History Book" by David Weitzman as a basis. Some of the text really shows its age, but it really has some powerful ideas for kids to work with.

My goal is to help 8-and 9-year-olds to become more aware that history begins with yourself, and that it is not just another abstract term to memorize. For example, we recently began making a "family geography map" going backwards in time from where students are now to (hopefully) as far back as when their ancestors first arrived in America. But not only are we using good ol' photocopied USA maps to mark and trace movements from city to city and state to state, we will also incorporate a GoogleEarth Smart Notebook lesson to map the same process as a follow-up.

I look forward to meeting up with folks here at Classroom 2.0!
Welcome to CR 2.0, I'm sure you'll find a lot of good ideas here. I have a blog that might be of interest A Very Old Place showcases projects we've done using primary source documents and also highlights some Web 2.0 tools. Check it out. N
Thanks, Nancy - looks like the sort of blog I'm interested in - primary resources - great!

Adam, cool project. I love history but I didn't develop that love in school. All of my history teachers lectured at us and made us memorize fact after fact. It's wonderful that you're getting your students to make a personal connection to history. Let us know how this project turns out.
I got really interested in doing more to support primary grade learner's understanding of what "history" really means, and how it is a part of everyone's experience, through a great class/federal grant project this summer. Teaching American History, Understanding the Blessings of Liberty - geared towards k-3rd grade teachers - it was a blast! A group of about 20+ teachers, we visited a variety of museums and galleries with experienced docents who guided us towards more meaningful ways to interpret authentic items and primary documents for children.

We visited Mount Vernon, the National Portrait Gallery, the Museum of the American Indian, the Postal Museum, and George Mason's plantation at Gunston Hall. Great summer class!




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