Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello from chilly South Dakota!
I am Tracy Vik, the Staff Development Coordinator for the Sioux Falls School District. The District has just over 21,000 students (which is 1/5 of the total student population in our state) and approximately 3000 employees (of which 1500 are teachers and 80 are administrators).
I am very interested in learning all I can about Web 2.0 and all it has to offer our students and staff.
I look forward to learning from and collaborating with many of you in the future!
Welcome aboard, you'll get a lot of great ideas here!
I am a class teacher in Scotland teaching pupils age 8-9. I have a class of 30 - 22 boys and 8 girls! I have just started the school blogging and am absolutely hooked on it. Have been very hard at work trying to poromote our school blog even though i'm supposed to be on my Christmas hols!! Would welcome any advice from anyone out there on our new blog. Am also keen to start communicating with other classes using Skype - anyone interested?
Caroline McC
Caroline McC here - forgot to leave blog address -
Welcome, we have an active student blog for 4-6th grade students. The AUP is one of the links at the top. Check Recent Posts to see student writing. If you haven't already, post your Skype question as a discussion, you'll get more interest.
Hi I`m Pam and I`m developing my online network and have keen interest in education
I am a technology educator from NYC. Lisa from the OIT of the NYCDOE suggested I join. I wear many hats in my job/career and prefer to call myself an educator. Fran G
Hi! I am Srivani and I teach in at Ngee Ann Polytechnic,Singapore. I have been teaching for about 8 months now and am still a green horn.I have always been fascinated by the profession where we learn as we teach or facilitate(a new word for me!).
I am totally in awe of the various web-based teaching tools available and I juxtaposition this with the challenges (again web-based) teaching faces.....complex issues indeed.
I want to share my experiences with all of u out there....and am quite sure this will be a good experience for me.
Cheers to everyone and wishes for a wonderful teaching-learning 2009:)
I am currently a high school principal in Fort Dodge, Iowa.
I am also attending Iowa State University as a member of a superintendent preparation program in my "free time".
Amber, from La Mesa CA. 8th grade science teacher. Currently in the middle of my Masters Degree in education technology from San Diego State (a distance program).
Mother to two great kids Madison age 8 and Drew age 10 months.
Madison plays soccer, and it has become a full family activity. Drew, well he doesn't do much yet, but he keeps me on my toes.
I am new to this site and eager to learn! I teach high school English, have a masters in gifted ed from Uconn and am interested in developing technology literacy in my classes. I just finished one online grad class and still taking another. One thing I am looking for is an online, SAFE book group for students to discuss novels. I am learning to use Moodle, but it is not available outside of our school building. I am looking forward to reading and learning!
We have done online book discussions on 10 different books. You need a platform with threaded discussions meaning, like this site, each person can comment both to the original post and each comment. You could use this platform but it limits the threads to 7 responses. I've used both Moodle and Blackboard for these discussions. A blog won't work, I tried it because in most blogs you can't comment on the comments.

You can see our Moodle discussion here, use baguest as both username and password to look around, there is not one going on now. I teach gifted K-6th and have mixed opinions about book discussions--let me know if you want to hear more. I've written about it here, there have been several discussions. N



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