Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hey Lynn, a lot of schools and students use our moderated community as a safe place to discuss books. It is extraordinary to see just how popular Harry Potter is all over the world! As a teacher you can register for membership at

Any questions please drop me a line,
Hi everyone. I'm Tracey, from Seattle, Washington. I teach 4th and 5th grade. I've been teaching for 12 years. Today was the first day that I've encountered the term "ning". I have so much to learn. I'm interested in finding new ways to integrate technology in the classroom to help my students (and myself) acquire 21st century skills. I'm also looking for ways to help the teachers at my school dive in. I'm a "peer coach" at my school, which basically means that I got a state grant this year to work with a teacher to help her integrate technology. Next year it will expand to coaching several teachers. We're lucky in a lot ways, because our school is newly built and has lots of cool new gadgets. (Airliners, Quizdom, United Streaming, 30 laptops, document cameras) Unfortunately, we haven't had time to learn how to use them effectively. So I'm trying to get us there. I can see that Classroom 2.0 is a perfect resource for this.
Hi there,

Glad to be a member at this wonderful website. I had been a college instructor in Taiwan for 3 years, and now am a doctoral student in education in Moscow, ID.

I have a passion for integrating Web 2.0 into teaching. Hope I can learn something new from everybody.
Hi I'm Antoinette. I am a pre-service teacher. My major is Business Teacher Education and minors are Earth Science and English. I am excited about this site and all that I will learn as well as the friends I will make!
Hi there!

I am one of the facilitators on, an international online community of more than 1100 schools from more than 100 countries.

Feel free to have a look at our website- or these recent UK articles- here and here

I really look forward to exchanging ideas about Web 2.0 and meeting interesting educators from around the world.

My name is Dara (rhymes with Sarah) and I actually read about ning in the NEA today magazine for this month!

I am a music teacher in an elementary school and am greatly frustrated by the lack of funding for technology in my I thought I would see what is out there in the big world... :-)

drop me a note!
I'm Jennifer. I am an Education Specialist and work with 6th grade students with learning disabilities. I found Classroom 2.0 through an article in NEA Today magazine. (Trying to get caught up on reading before my vacation is over)
I am also active in my local association and represent my local in the California Teacher's Association State Council. I am looking forward to sharing and collaborating with other educators.
Happy New Year everyone!
Jen :)
Hello everyone. I am a learning-behavior specialist in the suburbs of Chicago. I teach eighth grade special education, and I co-teach an English and a math class. My school has a 1:1 laptop initiative, and I am among a small group of teachers from our district participating in a PLP cohort with Will Richardson and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach. I am enjoying the learning and sharing happening in that community and look forward to being a part of this one.
Hi Nancy,
I used to teach at Conant H.S. I'd love to hear what you are doing in your group. Where do you teach? I lived in Barrington and Cary. I heard Will speak, have his book, and need TIME TO READ it!
Hi Folks,

Glad to be here, love the site and I am meeting great people! I joined recently, so here is my intro - I live in Grafton Massachusetts. I am not a teacher, but work for a social networkiing platform that helps teachers incorporate a fun technology into the classroom - This site allows teachers to create online, interactive, educational posters, or "glogs". In a private, secure, teacher-managed site, teachers and students can create glogs using text, video, audio, music, photos, images, and more. The feedback so far has been very positive, but we are always looking for more. I am hopeful people on this site will register for free and test us out and let us know any feedback so we can become better.......

Thank you!

I visited this website a few weeks ago, and found that it will be interesting in classroom.

Can you post some teacher examples using gloster? I am thinking of creating my teaching
glogster next semester. Thanks. ^_^
Andrew and Hui-Wen, This young woman has done some neat projects using primary source documents with Glogster. There was a discussion here at CR 2.0 about using Glogster a while back, you can read the responses here.



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