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I am a veteran teacher of 24 years and this year I am a Reading Coach for an alternative middle/high school in FL. I have a Special Education background and have spent 12 years at the elementary level and 12 years in the middle grades. Just this year, I have begun to teach a class of Intensive Reading (10th-12th grades) which is fun for me. Working directly with students helps me to enjoy that teacher student relationship that I've missed being out of the classroom.I enjoy technology and try to use it to engage my students. Our school (as many) does not have an endless supply of funding and is limited on the technology available. Specifically, we are limited on personnel who are looking to ichat, blog, create imovies, use digital story telling...etc. I am trying to get my students reading for pleasure and understand some of the reading strategies needed for reading success. I can easily match girls with texts...the boys at my school are much more challenging for me. I welcome ideas and suggestions!
Coach, I teach gifted K-6 and many of my kids are voracious readers (3-5 years above age mates) I'm always looking for high level books for 6th graders with appropriate content. Two science fiction books recently recommended to me are The Hunger Games, The BarCode Tattoo (and sequel). We also read Airborn by Kenneth Oppel --(steampunk genre, series of three books, very well written, great vocab) pirates, airships and love. Let me know if you need more suggestions, I've got several hundred great books in my class library. N.

PS Hate to say it but if you could convince the guys---they would love the Twight Series by Stephene Meyers
Hey! I'm Ashley, from Burlington, NC but go to school at ECU. I'm in my final semester student teaching with fourth grade. I'm looking forward to including technology into my instruction. If you have any great ideas please let me know! Love all the suggestions I can get!!!!!
Ashley, you might look into this online video seminar starting this week:

It is sure to have some good ideas for using video in the classroom. It is focused on ESL/EFL language teaching, but I'm fairly certain the underlying principles of using video would apply to any age and subject.

Mark Mayo
hi I am bindu I am an elearning consultant and an author . We implement elearning solutions across the globe . train the tecahers and write about integearting technology in education . Do read at obout technology and educators.
My name is Charles Ford and I am from New Jersey. I work as a principal in a K-4 building with 375 students. I am currently writing my dissertation on blogging in the classroom to increase students writing rubric scores. I joined this web site in order to collaborate with others and learn more best practices with web 2.0 tools. I like to take these ideas and pass them on to my teachers and students.
This is Katie from Wisconsin. Just found this ning and I am always looking for new Web 2.0 tools to use in my business classroom. I love using technology in my room and I am always looking for new tips.
Hi everyone! I'm David Fisher from Boca Raton, FL. I'm very glad to be here. I've recently started using web 2.0 tools on a regular basis, including Ning. It's nice to know that you're here to guide the way.
Welcome, my sis lives in Boca--she's taught at Spady in Delray for 30 years. This is her last year in a 44 year career.
Hello everyone. I'm a third-grade teacher in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I've been incorporating technology into my classroom since I began teaching, 11 years ago. I am always looking for ways to increase my knowledge of, and my students' knowledge of technology as it relates to education. I am confident Classroom 2.0 will help me in this endeavor. Happy to join the network!
Hello friends! Been having fun browsing around. I am interested in picking some brains regarding parent/teacher conferences. I teach pre-k- a combination of theme-based, skills-based, reggio inspired curriculum. Conferences are upon us, and I would like them to be engaging and fun. Where would I post something like this? Thanks!!
Hi everyone. My name's Payungsak Kaenchan, a Fulbright FLTA (teaching assistant) in the Thai language at Northern Illinois University. I am a teacher of English in Thailand and now spending time co-teaching a Thai class at NIU. I am pretty much interested in the applications of Web 2.0 and interactive online learning to the teaching and learning. Looking forward to exploring something new, exciting and useful about Web 2.0 and classroom applications. Nice to know everyone. Stay warm!



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