Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi Everyone,
I am Herlina Surbakti in Jakarta. In general we are not very sophisticated in our educational technology here in Indonesia but I am working at the Jakarta International School where we have everything including a smart board in every classroom.
I am a language teacher and a Lifelong Learner.
Hi, I'm Quinton Walker, the Director of Global Studies at Holy Innocents' Episcopal School in Atlanta, GA. I've been here for some time now, but never really explored or been active here. Looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone.
Welcome aboard, you'll learn a lot.
Hello! My name is Rob and I am a EFL / ESL teacher currently living in the UK. I have recently moved into online teaching ( which I love ) and am keen to learn everything possible about 2.0 in order to enhance my English classes.
Hello to all,

I teach English Honors II at Stanton College Prep. in Jacksonville, FL. My class web site is at; my students blog about their writing and post poetry at and collaborate on vocabulary at I also have a quia site where I create interactive quizzes and games for my students at I am currently taking a three level course in podcasting - hoping to incorporate that into my class and I am involved with Neflins 23 things a project to support and encourage self-discovery and exploration of new technologies and their potential application in the library environment.
Hello! I'm Karen from Houston! I just joined Classroom 2.0 and EduBloggerWorld - all this weekend! I have created a blog and a reader this weekend as well - all thanks to Atomic Learning (our distict's staff development tool). I took their course Seven Steps to a Flat Classroom. I'm exicted and a bit overwhelmed! My feet are wet and I'm trying to keep my head above water! :-)

I'm looking for ways to help our campus (I'm the AP) use technology in meaningful ways with our middles school students. I have a feeling this is going to be a lot of fun!
Hello Karen from Houston. I am Yvonne from Melbourne, Australia. Welcome to the wolrd of Edublogs and Classroom 2.0. I began a Visual Arts blog in May 2008 and am enjoying it immensely. I joined Classroom 2.0 a week or so ago and have enjoyed meeting with teachers in other countries but all on the same mission, to enhance our own learning and that of our students. I also have had the feeling that it is a bit overwhelming at times, but stick at it and please feel welcome to make me a collegue.We all need a little encouragement at first, just like our students, but I think you'll have an amazing journey. Good luck and well done for taking the first steps. Cheers, Yvonne Osborn.
Hi, I'm Kevin from Western Mass.

I just made a leap of faith. I taught MS/HS Spanish for 11 years in a language lab setting. I separated myself last year and did the TPRS thing exclusively. It was then I realized my true calling. This year I took a full time Tech position in another position. I'm loving every minute, teaching kids web 2.0 +. My concern is, with budgets being ominous, and being new, would tech get cut or Flang? If you were admin and had to make the choice, what would it be? I gave up 11 years in a secure position, vale la pena?
Pues amigo, sigue tu corazon! Vale la pena!!
Hi Kevin. Welcome to this forum. I'm not an administrator. I am a TPRS German teacher who does a lot of technology. Our school will soon be affected by the budget cuts. As we understand it, required courses will not be affected except that class size will probably increase. Some of the required courses are tech courses. Our tech director gets paid with different monies than the teachers (I believe). I don't know how his funding will be affected. In our FL dept. we have 3 languages and 5 teachers. If we don't have enough retirements or people leaving in the core areas then probably French or German will be cut. The teacher with the lowest seniority in our department is Spanish but I don't know if the admin will choose that route and make the other Spanish courses larger or not. I doubt it since most people in this area think that Spanish is the only useful language.

All of this is speculation. I'm anxious to hear what administrators will say.
Hi folks,

I teach wilderness-oriented emergency medicine courses for a school called NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). I teach wherever the school sends me; I've been fortunate enough to get to Central and South America, India and New Zealand. Mostly I teach near Yosemite National Park which isn't too bad, either. I'm a surfer, love to travel, and I've been involved with the old Spanish pilgrimage route, El Camino de Santiago. I'm up for a chat about that or anything else. I hope to meet some of you....
Michael Tanczos from Easton, PA. I teach the Cisco Networking Academy Program at Easton Area High School along with AP Java. I was pivotal in introducing Moodle to the Easton Area School district and currently administer our school’s Moodle server and have been for the past four years. I have a B.S. in Computer Science from Penn State University, an M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction from Kutztown University, and a CCNA, CCAI from Cisco Systems. I am looking for strategies to better incorporate technology into instructional methods.



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