Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello everyone. My name is Matt Hensler. I'm from Williamsport, PA (Little League World Series anyone?), and I'm a Technology Education Instructor at Jersey Shore Area High School. Our district is involved with the CFF grant, and as a part of that, we're quite active in integrating technology into our classrooms. Our school is a member of the network, and as such, all teacher's have access to creating their own classes as well as share content with other members of the network. The major issue I seem to face with the Blendedschools network, is that there's very little representation for Technology Education teachers. I'm hoping that through Ning education as well as Classroom 2.0, I may be able to locate fellow Tech Ed instructors to share ideas with. I think professional and social networking can go a long way in improving our classes.

Additionally, I'm finding many new Web 2.0 applications through my Master's degree program in Instructional Media through Wilkes university. I consider myself pretty technologically literate, however, it's HOW you can utilize these various 2.0 apps in the classroom that can be the real challenge. I'm looking forward to networking with other teacher's to share ideas, and help me get started in better implementing technology into the classroom.
Hi! I am teach K-5 Gifted teacher in Florida and technology is a big part of what we do. We have had several blogs, podcasts, just got into email with them and they have ePortfolios. We are in the Mac format and honestly I can't imagine using anything else. I am looking forward to learning a few things and sharing a few things.
Welcome, I teach gifted, too. Check out the stuff we've done over the last few years.
Hi everyone,
My name is Rob Letcher. My "day job" is the Director of Instruction for k12, Inc. High School Programs worldwide. ( I am wild about edtech and passed "geek" status a few years ago - I think I am at "addict" level. I am excited and really happy to be so involved in online K-12 education. However, I am continually reminded that even the best online programs are not much more than the same old instructional model: There is a single source of truth for kids to learn - there's a right answer - learning has an 'end point'. I am currently learning as much as I can about alternative forms of learning - focusing my efforts on Inquiry- and Project-based learning.
If you know ANYTHING about these topics - I want to learn form you. Email me (, IM me (robletcherpa yahoo) or follow me on Twitter (robletcher - I'll follow you in return).
If you are DOING Inquiry-based learning, PLEASE let me know. If you are interested in starting something different - give me a yell.
Let's DO something!
Hello! My name is Diane Johnson. I am an educational consultant and I am the Director of Education for Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. I am happy to have joined this group and look forward to chats with educators who know that integrating themes into the classroom curriculum is an engaging way to help students be successful. I'm happy to share teaching ideas and listen to your ideas. As Iditarod 2009 approaches, may this be a best teaching season ever! Wishing your students great adventure learning projects and academic success!
Greeting everyone. I am Shelli from Millersburg, PA. I am a bus/computer teacher at Upper Dauphin Area HS. I am looking for new and creative ideas to incorporate Web 2.0 into my classroom. I am hoping that by joining this network, I will find lots of new ideas and also new friends. :-)
Hi Everyone. I'm Colin Pinnavaia from Brooklyn, NY. I am the Assistant Director of Technology and a Teacher at a Catholic High School in Brooklyn. Happy to be here.
I'm Freda Anderson, I'm a student, 10th grade at Science Leadership Academy... I heard about this site at Educon today so I thought I'd check it out...
Hi everybody! My name is Sean Hanson. I live in SE Pennsylvania. I teach general computing to middle and high school students at a special education school.
Hi Rich,

Here's a link to last year's multimedia projects for English Honors II
I use for vocab collaboration and to make interactive games for my classes; you can also use activities and quizzes other teachers have made. I've recently joined a 23 Thing initiative to learn about technology with librarians and I'm taking a 3 level podcasting course. Please reply with your wiki and blog address.

M Lewis
ello Everyone,

Howard Strey from St. Peter, Minnesota. Media Specialist at the Middle/High School. Thanks for having me.
Hi Howard! I'm not far from you...I live in Marshall and teach in Minneota. :)



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