Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello Karla,

This looks like a very active and informative site.

Hello! I teach in your neck of the woods! I teach 1st grade at Brookville Area in PA, 20 minutes down the road! I am really interested in implementing more technology in my classroom and would love some good suggestions!
Hello. My name is Katrina Johnston. I live in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania and teach high school chemistry. I am currently taking a graduate course in Web 2.0 and am exploring this site for ideas!
Greetings from the frozen tundra! My name is Laura Cawley. I'm currently in Cleveland, OH teaching preschool. I'm enrolled in my Master's program for Instructional Technology and I have no clue what I'm doing here!
Welcome, hang around and you'll learn a lot. N
Hello Hello,

Ojas Ray from NJ - 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher and oh yeah "i am a first year teacher." I am very much interested in technology in the classroom and overall the use of technology in education. Hopefully if i find a good program and a school that offers some online classes i want to get my masters and Ed.D or PhD in Educational Technology. I find it amazing how far technology has evolved into. However, i also find that many schools that i have seen do not utilize the maximum power of this great asset. Thus i want to become a Educational Technology Consultant - yes, that's my own field name i guess. But really want to be a person who goes to different schools and districts and just observes the use of technology and make recommendations on how 1. it can be improved 2. used more effectively and 3. incorporated more within a given unit/lesson

so if anyone out there is already doing this -- PLEASE contact me and let me know how to go about doing this.
Hi...I'm Lee and I teach junior high math and social studies in a rural K-9 school in central Alberta, Canada. I'm also involved in leading a 1-1 laptop project in our school division. I don't know nearly as much as some would have me believe...always looking for new ideas, especially for engaging projects for my math students that have a real connection to our provincial outcomes and the world at large.

I am a 20+ year teacher with varied experiences most recently in 8th science (but have taught over the years PreK to college at one point or another! mostly science) and am now a Doctoral Student - University Fellow at Florida State University. I am particularly interested in using gaming technologies in the classroom - a brand new fascination - I have been using various Web 2.0 technologies - blogs, wikis, websites, etc. for some time. Have just begun to explore Second Life for Educators, etc. Hoping to learn more from my colleagues here at Classroom . . .

I'm liz - I teach 6th grade math with in-class support in Point Pleasant, NJ. I found this site through the magazine edutopia. After some professional development and a webinar, I am ready to try a little networking.

I am Hannah, Im currently training to be a primary school teacher in England focusing on the foundation/ key stage 1 age range (4-8). Im here really to help me with my studies with any ideas, hints and tips and for when i become a teacher.
o if anybody does have anything that they think i may benefit from them, please please send me a message!
I'm Alana and I teach business education in Pennsylvania. Looking forward to learning more about Ning and Web 2.0.
Hey, everyone! My name is Mike Shaw, I'm a Middle School Civics teacher in Des Moines, Iowa.
Excited to learn more!!!



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