Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello, or Hola a todos. Wendy Cotta from Providence, RI. I worked for 9 years in public education as a high school Spanish teacher teaching 100-130 students across 5 sections a day. Still teaching Spanish but now, I am at a small, private laptop school, teaching 30 students a day across 4 sections. I have a Master's in Tech Integration but never had the tech tools to play with in the public schools. So many obstacles. I was not learning or growing so I had to change. Maybe I will go back someday. Anyhow, the sky is the limit now. I am waking up, profesionally-speaking. I would love to find a small, private partner school in a Spanish-speaking country to collaborate with. I only have about 6 (age 16-17 years old) students in my advanced Sp. 4/5 section, 19 students ( age 15-16 years old) in my Sp. 3 section. Our school has video conferencing capability, though we would have to correct for time zone issues. Skype or simple epal-type exchanges would also be terrific.
Hi Wendy, I'm a German teacher from Indiana working in a public school. We have some technology available to us. I would love to know what you are doing differently, i.e. tech-wise with your Spanish students that you weren't able to do in your public school. I want to use more technology with my students but I need ideas from other language teachers. ¡Gracias!
I am Liz. I teach in Virginia and have taught English for 20 years. I am happy to be teaching in a strong Web 2.0/technolgy-enlightened school district!!
I'm Nancy Devine. I teach high school English in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where I live with my husband Chuck and our two dogs. I co-direct the Red River Valley Writing Project, a local site of the National Writing Project. I write poetry, short fiction and essays. My work has appeared in online and print journals. I blog at nancydevine.blogspot.
I'm excited to be here.
Welcome Susan! I'm a German teacher in Indiana. To get more technology in my classrooms I use Moodle for some practice quizzes and real quizzes. I just had my German 1 students create a poster on Glogster about someone they admire. The info had to be all in German (basic introduction info) and then they presented that information orally to the class. German 2 and 3 did wikis on books that they read. If you have specific questions, let me know. I'm far from an expert on using technology in the classroom. That's why I'm on this site! However, I am willing to share whatever I know.
Salut Susan- one option would be our online community- You could use it to safely communicate and take part in projects with French-speakers from around the world. We have schools from 103 countries and a lot from Francophone Africa. Also it's totally free for schools from the US. Have a look at my profile for a bit more info.

Hope this helps!
Hello! I am a 7th grade English teacher in a K-12 private school in Nashville, TN. I am looking forward to being part of a professional community.
If you are serious about this you might post it as a discussion on the front page. More people will see it. You might also post a a ning called VidSnacks.
I teach middle and high school French (beginning to intermediate level). I am looking to teach using "French 2.0" - applying all of the new tools I am learning about that are available on web 2.0. I would love to hear from others about classroom applications, ideas, collaborative projects, etc.
Hello All,
I'm Matt McCarty and I am the Technology Director for Clarkston Community Schools in Clarkston, MI. We are a public school district of just over 8000 students. I'm beginning a push to encourage our certified staff to explore and incorporate technology tools into their classrooms. Especially interested in low or no cost resources (isn't everyone?)
My 8th grade science students loved when I taught physics and Newton's Laws. This site incorporates problem solving and critical thinking, as well as simple to complex machines. I also had my 8th grade students teach 6th grade students how to use the site.
You have to be thirteen to use ning. Sorry to burst you bubble. N.



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