Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I teach reading and writing to students who passed the high-stakes exams but never made reading and writing their own--not an unusual phenomenon. I am a toe-dipper in the cyber-sea, would like to learn to swim in it. I know I need to meet my students there. Thank you all for generously sharing your ideas--I'm already learning from you.
Hi, I'm Karenne - I currently live in Germany but am originally from Grenada in the Caribbean.

I teach adult language learners, train teachers on using new media and technology in the classrooms and run workshops on teaching fluency/student-centered issues; write a couple of blogs and run a website.

In my other life I was a juggler.

Glad to have found this group!

Laurie Pickup I am a schoolteacher from Spring Branch ISD near Houston, Texas. I teach middle school. this website is really interesting.
I'm a middle school teacher from the Space Coast in Florida. New to the whole 2.0 thing and looking to see what's out there and how I can use it.
Hello from Osaka, Japan! I am a Canadian, long term resident of Japan who is interested in using web 2.0 tools to assist in ELL and foster international communication.
Hey guys, great to be here! I'm currently a student at Stanford and am looking to use technology to create a safer, more engaging, and more rewarding online experience for children! If you are familiar with children/educational software or online social networking, please contact me! Looking forward to learning and sharing with you :)


I'm Dave, a fairly new middle school (7 & 8 grades) tech teacher who's still trying to redesign my curriculum. I'm a retired Coast Guard helicopter pilot that still needed that occasional feeling of stark terror so I teach 12 & 13 year-olds. I teach at a private school in the Seattle area.

I love my job but I'd really like to move beyond what I inherited (teaching MS Office to my students for a full school year). I'm hoping that my students will get the opportunity to connect with another classroom and use some of the latest communication tools.

Thanks for reading this! I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have regarding curriculum.

Hi everyone Philip Ashcroft here a primary school teacher in Melbourne Australia currently on sabbatical studying and looking after young son.
Hello everyone! East Moline, Illinois here!

My name is Baira. I teach English and German at the Kalmyk State University in Elista, the capital of Repubic of Kalmykia, part of the Russian Federation.
Glad to join you!

Best regards,
Hi, I'm Diana Maxwell a special education reading teacher from Chesterfield, Virginia. I'm looking to collaborate with others and learn all I can about new ways to help my students.
Hi, my name is Carolyn and I'm in Prescott, AZ. I have been looking for a way to have discussion boards with my students in my HS English classes for some time now. It seems that this might just be the way to start my interactive classroom. Are there examples of other teacher's sites that I can see in full swing? I'm interested in having students participate in book discussions and maintain group projects on 2.0.



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