Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello! I am completing my MLS and will be working as a school media specialist in September, 2009. I need to learn more about "web 2.)"!
Welcome Deanna, Noah and Anthony, You will learn a lot here!

I´m Nilson Filatieri da Silva, I live in the south of Brazil.

Glad to be here!
Hello, Linnell Gribble out of Oak Harbor Washington. I'm teaching technology, health, and reading this year, but anticipate with the budget cuts to be placed in Language Arts next year. I hope to learn more about ways to get kids to use technology even when access is limited. Especially in the field of assessment. So, any collaboration is welcome!
Hi everyone! I'm Sarah. I teach second grade in western Michigan. I am looking forward to learning from other teachers.
Hi everyone, Neil Allison here from Washington, DC.

I'm helping an independent school to think about ways that its faculty can collaborate and share with other faculty at similar schools.

Do you guys have any good examples of:

1. How teachers are using education networking for professional development?
2. How independent / private schools are using education networking?

I really appreciate it!
Hello! I am Barbara Mize from North Carolina. I am excited to be here and hope to learn and share with all of you!
My name is Jody Watson and I am a technology preacher (I guess is the best way to put it) at my school and in my division, located in Alberta, Canada. I am really interested in trying to get collaboration projects with teachers in all grades from k-12. Just want to show the people out there (my school division) how valuable and how much students can learn from these sorts of opportunity. Anyone interested in any project let me know would love to get involved.

Hopefully getting off my island (PLN of one).

Jody Watson
Hi Jody. My name is Pat Cook, and I'm a Grade 7 teacher in New Brunswick. I have very little experience in collaborative projects but I'm always looking for ways to expand my borders. What do you have in mind?
Hi Jody,

We are a K-6 elementary school in southern Arizona and we would love to collaborate. Do you have video conferencing equipment or were you thinking online? Any particular subject or grade level?
Count us in!
Hi, My name is Kerry and I am an instructional leader in an Elementary School in Colorado.
Hello all,

I teach English at a university in Japan. I`ll be using tumblr with a couple of my classes this year, but other than that I`m pretty low tech (we still use blackboards...I mean the ones with chalk, not the VLE version!)

Other than that, I`m especially interested in using technology for my own development. Please drop by and say hello ; )

Darren Elliott



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