Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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hi to all members of the classroom 2.0 family

i am from trinidad and tobago i am a teacher of business for the past 12 years i teach both male and female students from age 15 to 17
i love working on projects with my students and that is why i want to get a feel for all the web 2.0 tools to make my students ready for the future
right now we are preparing for the summit of americas next week and school is out for easter vacation so i am catching up on all the presentations i missed
Hello! I'm Karen from Austin, TX - active PTA volunteer and founder of VolunteerSpot.

I'm passionate about eliminating busy work so teachers and parents can get on to the more important things. VolunteerSpot does just that. Its a free web tool that automates scheduling, signups and reminder messages, makes clipboard signup sheets obsolete, and helps teachers and parent helpers get to bed on time. (test proctors, parent-teacher conference scheduling, classroom volunteers, boosters, etc.) We're still fine-tuning. Please check us out and share your feedback - click the red feedback button at the top of the site. click DEMO for a video or live tour.
Hey Hey Classroom 2.0ers!

My name is Bill Ferriter and I've been stumbling around in the digital soup for a few years now trying to make sense of what easy access to new tools for creation, communication and collaboration mean for learners. I've done a lot of work with digital tools in my sixth grade classroom and have been writing with regularity about my own interaction with digital tools on my blog.

I'm also long time member of the Teacher Leaders Network----one of the longest lived online learning communities----so I feel comfortable connecting electronically.

I'm excited about joining the conversation here, though, because your dialogue is focused on an area of deep personal and professional interest.

Here's to hoping that I can add as much to this conversation as I'm sure to take away!

Thanks for having me,
Welcome aboard, I know you'll learn a lot. Feel free to start some discussions on things that interest you. You can also search for common topics (blogs, wikis, student email, etc) or check out tags on the right!
My name is Jason Watson from Birmingham, Alabama. I'm a middle school social studies teacher.
Jason Strong from Warsaw, VA. This year has been a huge step for me as an professional. I feel like I've opened quite a few windows for my students to crawl through to access the digital world this year, and I'm hoping to make those windows doors next year. It is clear to see the benefits of this network, as I have already used it to connect to another English teacher on the other side of the globe. I can't wait to see the possibilities that emerge through this association of devoted educators.
Please forgive my ridiculous profile picture. I refuse to be taken too seriously!
I like the pic, you look a little like some famous person....hummmm? My pic actually looks like me!
I am a 6th grade teacher at a year round school in Santa Barbara, California
Jean Rogers-O'Reilly
Hi! I'm Angenz aka Ange from New Zealand and this is my first time on classroom 2.0. I am currently facilitating in 7 schools and would love to hear from people who are using ICT in their classes. I have just started a new wiki to help teachers see examples of how ICT can be used in their class!
Hello! I'm Tess, a high school teacher and technology coordinator from Ohio. I've been in the classroom for nine years. I teach Media Communications and Video Production in a small private high school. Can't wait to dig in to this site!

Just discovered this great site! I am a teacher in a primary school in Singapore.
We are exploring the use of ICT in school especially in assessment.

Hi, my name is Bill Guinee and I am a professor of cultural anthropology at a midwestern college. I am a little worried that this site is all K-12, but I hope I can learn about ways of using collaborative learning and research on web 2.0 here anyway. If I am in the wrong place, I would appreciate it if someone could suggest other more relevant sites. Thanks.



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