Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi I'm Bushra, a graduate student of Educational Computing and I have nearly completed my Masters project. Its great to be here!
Hello! Gail Ritchie from Burke, Virginia, USA. I'm looking forward to learning from and with you all!
I am a Technology Facilitator in an Urban school district with a population of over 80% hispanic and 85% on free or reduced lunch. I have had the privaledge of working with them integrating technology into their daily learning for over 13 years. I started as a 6th grade teacher and after 2 years becan a Technology Facilitator. I have been one of the lead facilitators in my district for over 11 years now in two 40 million dollar state of the art schools. I run a television studio daily in my school, I teach students grade 5-8 daily computers, I maintain a network of over 300 pc daily, I customize databases in order to use data to drive instruction in both Math and Reading. I train staff in the use of varios forms of hardware and software. I operate on an as needed basis as an administrator in my building. I wiki, blog and podcast. I am a social networker.

Please join me at my website, or find me on where I manage the group Technology Integration in Education which has over 1000 members .
My name is Jason Fabbri. I'm in Roseville, CA. I volunteer at my boys local elementary school regularly. I am a SW Engineer, and am really interested to see where and how technology can be better leveraged in the classrooms.

Looking forward to catching up on all of the content in Classroom 2.0. Looks like a great resource.

Hello folks... My name is Rich Murphy, I am a com studies PhD student at the UNiversity of Nebraska - Lincoln. I teach speech communication at a small state school in north eastern Nebraska. My research is in online communication, specifically social networking in education. I imagine my first step should be to make some type of presence on classroom 2.0! Love the idea of using Ning or Elgg to add a 2.0 dimension to my courses. Looking forward to seeing what everyone does in the classroom.
Welcome aboard--you've come to the right place. There is another ning, I think it's geared for people who use ning in the classroom, you might pick up some tips there too. It's
Hello! My name is Bernadette Roche and I am the Director of Technology at Oakhill Day School, a small independent school in the Kansas City area. My job is three-fold: 1) instructing students; 2) providing professional development for staff; 3) maintaining ALL tech equipment in the building including infrastructure. This is my second year in the position, coming off 10+ years in 5th-6th grade classrooms as a "tech-inclined" teacher. I readily admit I haven't had enough time to investigate Web 2.0 tools and implement them in my instruction, but you all are providing lots of inspiration.
I'm in OP Ks! Welcome to CR 2.0
I thought your name looked familiar, but not sure why. Where do you teach?
Bernadette, Shawnee Mission, been here for 25 years!
I figured it had to be. I spent 10 years in SM - mostly at Westwood View and the last year at Corinth. I'm up north now in Gladstone at a private school, but still hang with some folks at SM to stay in the loop. What school are you at?
I teach gifted ed at Broken Arrow, was at Nieman and Marsh the 20 years before that. Why did you make the change?



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