Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Welcome, You might be the only Auto Tech guy here!!
Hi Everyone,
I'm Sue Bauer from California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA. I am a computer trainer.
Hi everyone, joined here a while back but can't really remember if I posted any introductions yet.

Maylyn here from Singapore. I worked as an electronics teacher for a vocational college for the past 8 years, just recently took on a new role as an instructional designer. I am working on a project to create authentic learning environment using virtual world. Also developing strategies to encourage more participatory learning with web 2.0 tools as well as community of practices.

I think I am gonna need a lot guidance from you all. Thanks!
Hi, I'm Paul and I work in N. Royalton, Ohio. I currently have Moodle course for my 8th grade American History students that we use daily. I am interested in getting started with blogging and came upon this site. I would be interested in hearing thoughts and suggestions regarding blogging in school.
Hello Paul,

Like you, I am interested in having a blog for my students, and I am from Ohio. On this site I met Dan Klumper who invited my class to write on his blog (because now I live in Egpt and have 6th graders here). His site is the best example I have seen yet, and I venture to say that he would be helpful to you. Here is the class site

Best Wishes to you and your students,
Deborah Kerwood
Show and Tell
What a great idea! I would do basic skills and use supplemental novels. You could also do study guide activities on the wiki as well. Critical thinking, problem solving, journal many things. I would really like to hear how this works.
Hi, everyone,
I'm Lisa Miller, and I'm a professor of journalism at the University of New Hampshire, where I also teach a digital storytelling class for K-12 teachers. I've been working in elementary classrooms over the last year and am hoping to talk with more elementary teachers who do digital storytelling with their students. I'm also interested in anything anybody's doing with technology!
Hello! My name is Christina Moore and I live in Mobile, Alabama. I am currently a junior at the University of South Alabama. My major is secondary education with focus of language arts. I am interested in speaking with other future teachers (and already teachers too, of course) about how you plan to make a difference in children's lives and keep your classroom interesting and fun (for the most part).
Welcome, Christina. I'm a high school teacher who loves teaching (most days). I think the way that you can make a difference in children's lives is to develop a bond with them. Show them that you care about them as a person. Don't judge them. Help them make wise decisions and be a good role model. Using Web 2.0 tools will help keep their interest in class. If you find an activity boring, your students certainly will. If you are excited about your content, your students will pick up your positive energy and will be more willing to do the activities. The first few years of teaching are really rough, but it is a great profession. I wish you the best!
Hi everyone, my name is Greg Garner and I'm somewhere in East Texas. Usually somewhere between Gladewater, Longview, Kilgore, and Tyler...

I currently teach 6th grade math and 8th grade computer keyboarding at Gladewater Middle School and am always looking for more ways to immerse students with creative/innovative uses of technology.
Originally from Dubuque, IA, I was brought to western Iowa through the luck of the UNI Student Teacher draft (whatever that is). I substituted in Council Bluffs CDS for four years. I was then hired by the Plattsmouth (Nebraska) CSD and enjoyed my ten years there, but like all good things, they must come to an end. I am currently in my fourth year at South High Magnet School in the Omaha Public Schools and cherish my role as "the token male" in the English department and like all good teachers, I am counting my days down to summer vacation.
My name is Greg Gorman, I am a first year superintendent, in Kansas. With the budget cutbacks our district is not purchasing any textbooks this year, which is fine since I feel they are overrated anyway. I have two teachers that are interested in writing their own textbooks from our state standards, one in science and one in language arts. I am in need of guidance on this project if you know of anyone that has already done this or is currently in the process, we plan to put it in a wiki form.



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