Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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a full load of open source, eh?
Sounds interesting.
I am Gary. From Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Near-retirement biology teacher.
Hi, I'm arvind. I'm in New York City in the United States. I am an educational technologist, a teacher, a coach, a blogger, a webcaster/podcaster, a Twitterer and a whole bunch of other stuff that I won't get into right now.

Looking forward to seeing how Classroom 2.0 and I can intersect...
Hi Arvind
I think I know you (or at least, your name) through Paul A and the Writing Project, is that right?
That's very cool. I haven't run into anyone in a lot of years who even knew what a gopher was. Did you use Archie, Jughead, and Veronica as well?

While I think I'm still too young to be old, I've been playing on the Internet longer than many of my students have been alive. I think that gives me (and you) a comfort level with technology that most teachers lack.
I'm from Manchester, UK. I teach in a Further Education college and I'm mad about elearning. I'm hoping to network with ning members who are teaching music.
Hello! I'm a homeschooling mother of one looking to link up with other homeschoolers to integrate technology and Web 2.0 into our classroom. Would love some helpful suggestions and assistance!
Hi! I'm a 4th grade teacher from Hill City, Kansas. We're a very small community of 1600 people and have roughly 300 students, pre-K through 12. I'm interested in networking with other teachers to create some collaborative learning projects for the next school year.
Hi there, I'm Rachel and I'm from Connecticut, USA.
Hi everyone, I am Meg Ormiston in RL I live outside of Chicago, in SL I'm Meg Writer and I just rented a home on EduIslandII. I look forward to joining your world, as I explore what is possible in Second Life (SL). I look forward to sharing conversations with all of you!
I'm Brian Donohue-Lynch, and I am from New England. I live in RI and teach in CT. I teach online and on-ground. Was a founding member of the still active World Association For Online Education, which we started in 1998 after meeting at a virtual conference from Hawaii. (Well, at least they TOLD us it was from Hawaii, but it could have been Hoboken...)
Hi Brian
I am from NE, too -- over in Massachusetts.



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