Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I'm an eLearning Advisor at the Correspondence School in New Zealand. I may have been on this site a couple of years back in a previous role...but can't remember for the life of me with which email address.

I find Ning a great tool with which to foster communities of practice; its only as good as the people on it of course so I'll look forward to speaking with some of you - particularly any distance educators
Hi folks,

I am a paraprofessional in the Portsmouth, NH, and I am also working on my under graduate degree in education. This site was recommended by Tom Daccord, from a November Learning seminar this past summer. I have been following on Twitter ever since and now have taken the plunge to actually join the ning. I love the info that is being shared and look forward to communicating.


Hi I am Paul Ho, a History teacher in Singapore. I have been teaching for close to 11 years now. I specialise in Modern World History (1900-1945) and Ancient Civilizations.

Currently I am actively involved in the Future Problem Solving Program and I am also a volunteer at local archaeological sites. I hope to be able to go for my first fieldwork sabbatical in the middle of 2010.
Hi everyone,

Peter Huestis here. I'm the new Upper Division (high school) Director at Casady School in Oklahoma City, OK. Glad I stumbled onto this resource. I look forward to lots of discussion and help from my new colleagues!
Hi, was introduced to your concept by a friend, here's my bio and other tidbits, very interested in what you're proposing.

My name is Jeff Russell. I'm a 6th grade English teacher in the San Diego Unified School District. Currently I am on my 3rd year as a professional educator and couldn't be happier with my career choice. I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone in this group does to incorporate technology into their classrooms. Online social networking seems like a really exciting new avenue that has opened up to education.
Hi, my name is Anna and I am very interested in web 2.0 and it's relation to teaching, however I mostly teach adults within businesses and am interested in doing this online - so very interested to hear tips from others. Great to find you all here :-)
Hi my name is Rob and I am a Technology Coordinator. I am looking forward to seeing how teachers around the globe are integrating technology and engaging students in learning with a multitude of tools at their disposal.
Hello from Songdo, Korea. My name is Tedi Ware and I am currently very interested in connecting with other educators who are passionate about developing emotional intelligence skills in their learners, in themselves, and in their colleagues. I look forward to hearing from anyone who is developing training in this area and/or who has read some meaningful and useful publications with respect to this topic.
Hello, I'm a new Kindergarten teacher in Korea. I just moved here over three months ago. I would appreciate any help regarding PYP Programme and assessments.
My name is Bill Pavesic and I will be teaching 3rd grade in the International School Songdo in South Korea. I have taught in Iowa, Illinois and Guam before Korea but I have never used the PYP program. I feel a little intimidated by it but as I find out more, I believe that I may have been doing it most of the time and didn't know it.

We will be team teaching the 3rd grade and I will be concentrating on the Social Studies, Science and Math. I am open to any and all suggestions especially since there will be a lot of ESL education happening.

My favorite hobbies are leatherworking and working with kids in building and launching model rockets. I hope North Korea doesn't get upset with that last idea.
Hi! I'm Gigi Maiquez, art educator at the International School Songdo in South Korea. I am seeking to collaborate with other art teachers who have experience in PYP or MYP. I'd be glad to hear from you!



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