Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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hello. I am a new teacher and will be teaching fifth grade in the Fall. I am a career changer who stayed at home with my children for about 10 years and then substituted while obtaining my masters in teaching. My background is in the computer industry, but way before all of these "web 2.0" developments -- I have just learned the words "moodle" and "ning" :) As a new teacher, my main goal at this point is to learn how to utilize these tools with my students.
Hi Mary,
I am Marsha from Israel and I am implementing a large project called Globaldreamers, it is really nice to meet you.
I invite you to join our Globaldreamers project and it is an authentic learning project with kids and educators looking for a meeting place and joining together in global collaboration.
Would love to get to know you and good luck!1
Marsha Goren
I am Cynthia Allen, a recently retired Technnology Applications teacher. Now I am beginning to work as an independent Instructional Technology Consultant in educational settings. I am continually looking for new ideas, resources, and ways for teachers to use web 2.0 and social media in the classroom. So glad I found this group, and I look forward to being part of this "collective brain".
Hi, I'm Deb Schiller; I'm looking into teaching as a second career. I've been teaching horseback riding for 16 years, and am just completing my first Grad class: Integrating Educational Technology! I live in Chester County, PA.
I am rather new to Nings, but wanted to expand my PLN! I still consider myself a newbie, as I purchased my first iPhone just last July and have been addicted ever since! With a never-ending appetite for learning new ways to use web 2.0 applications and encouraging my staff to explore them, my PLN has grown tremendously! I typically share that I have learned more from Twitter in the last year, than in the past three years of coursework for my doctoral degree! I look forward to learning with everyone and promoting ways to integrate technology into all levels of education!
Hi all. I'm Chandra Manning from North Carolina. I teach English IV but I feel like more of a student than teacher. School is startiing very soon and I've been focused on Web 2.0 all summer. I'm ready to implement lots of new tools. Most importantly, I want this new school year to be all be collaborating for students and me.
Hi Carol,
Isn't Alan November great, and a super motivator?

With each student having their own computer, both at home and school, I think the Global Virtual Classroom would be a great project for you and them. [Besides there are even cash prizes!!]

My name is Stacey Schuh and I love my teaching job in Michigan. I work for a rural school district and currently my students are working on a grant to purchase computers for our school. Please take a look at our proposal and vote for our idea. Thanks everyone.

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I've voted for you!
Amy Ruck here from Stoughton, Wisconsin :) I am a 7th grade science teacher, but last year I took a temporary position as an inclusion support teacher. I have one more year left in my temp role. I'm working with general ed staff to help differentiate lesson for all learners in their classrooms. I'm in the process of setting up professional development opportunities in the district and I'm doing some research as to how online networking can support it. I realize that the benefits of online networking are HUGE...but I'm trying to figure out how to present to staff in a way that would entice them to get "sucked in". The value added needs to be worth the time committment. Long intro...sorry. I guess I need to find a group to join who can help me tackle my task:) See you online!!!
I'm not a complete idiot and yes I can type, but I was in a hurry. Sorry about the incredibly poor grammar. I did go back and change it, but it must not have gotten saved. OMG i'm so embarassed!!!
Hi Everyone my name is Olivia,and I am an elementary ed. teacher in Miami, Florida. I have been teaching for about 11 years now, mostly in fourth grade. This coming school year I have been given the opportunity to teach 5th grade reading and language arts, within an aerospace, science/math, and technology MAGNET program. The technology part was just added for the upcoming school year, so I am looking and learning for how to make it all work in my Reading class with little resources. I have learned alot this summer, and I know that there is a world of knowledge out here, so I am looking forward to broadening my technological horizons. I will be keeping track of my journey at my new blog Teach(ography)

By the way Stacy I voted for your class at the refresheverything site! Every bit helps.



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