Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi everyone. I am John Parker in St Louis MO. I am a former and future (got to love this economy) middle school Teacher, social studies.
Hi John,
I am Marsha from Globaldreamers Israel and our share may interest you and your kids with many different activities from different countries.
I invite you to look at it and let me know what you think, you are welcome to use anything from our site.
We as educators have the power to share knowledge and that is awesome.
Hello Aleksandra,
To everyone who reads about this phenomenal educator Aleksandra and her kids are outstanding global partners and I invite all of you to see her work on our Globaldreamers site.

Hope you are enjoying your summer,
Best to you,
Hi ,
My name is Carolyn. I am new to this group and to the world of PLN. After joining two other groups, I'm thrilled with all the information available, yet a little overwhelmed. I'm excited about interfacing with this group. I'm a seventh grade intervention specialist, and always trying to find innovative ways to engage my learners. I look forward to our communications.
Hi Carolyn,
It is Marsha from Israel and very nice to meet you, I too am excited about meeting people.Would love to get to know you and invite you to join in our Globaldreamers project. Teachers can choose what is good for them and I can put you on our email list.
I have been implementing our project since 1992 and it is a great project.
I believe in the power of the Internet and making our classrooms borderless.
Hope to hear from you soon .
I am Ton Giordano, a high school business teacher from Maryland. I am interested in Web 2.0 tools and plan to use wikis in my classes in the fall. I'd like to hear what other high school business teachers are doing to incorporate Web 2.0 tools.

My name is Jim Hayward and I am fourth grade teacher at Horace Mann Elementary School in Oak Park, Illinois. I really enjoy teaching fourth grade and also teach some courses in technology courses.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!!

I'm Nathan, a 19 year old undergrad student at the University of Washington. For the summer I'm working as a research assistant at NAC Architecture, an architecture firm in the northwestern united states. I am researching the use of web tools in education and the implication they have on the design of educational buildings in the next decade. I'm interested to learn how educators use the tools provided by web 2.0 and how they adapt them to the classroom setting.
My name is Carol Peters. I teach resource math in the Dallas area and would like to network with my peers about resources that would help my students.
hello. I am a new teacher and will be teaching fifth grade in the Fall. I am a career changer who stayed at home with my children for about 10 years and then substituted while obtaining my masters in teaching. My background is in the computer industry, but way before all of these "web 2.0" developments -- I have just learned the words "moodle" and "ning" :) As a new teacher, my main goal at this point is to learn how to utilize these tools with my students.
Hi Mary,
I am Marsha from Israel and I am implementing a large project called Globaldreamers, it is really nice to meet you.
I invite you to join our Globaldreamers project and it is an authentic learning project with kids and educators looking for a meeting place and joining together in global collaboration.
Would love to get to know you and good luck!1
Marsha Goren
I am Cynthia Allen, a recently retired Technnology Applications teacher. Now I am beginning to work as an independent Instructional Technology Consultant in educational settings. I am continually looking for new ideas, resources, and ways for teachers to use web 2.0 and social media in the classroom. So glad I found this group, and I look forward to being part of this "collective brain".



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