Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi I'm looking for some help on some lesson plans if anyone wants to chat please contact me on the chat function. I am a student teacher and could use any ideas that any elementary school teachers may have on some lessons....or message me and let me know on my page! :) Thanks

Julie P.
You may be interested in the Fairy Tale / Folk Tale CyberDictionary, which comes with a lesson plan aimed at beginning readers, and has additional suggestions from other teachers.
Hello All! My name is Sera Nelson and I'm a Grants Girl! I'm from Cleveland, OH and just looking to see how I can help and maybe learn some cool stuff in the process. Good to meet everyone!
My name is David Davis... I'm an all-round geek, specializing in macs and cell phones...

I teach middle school music in a Kansas City suburb....
Hello. My name is Lauren Schultz, and I am a fifth grade teacher in upstate New York. I'm excited about finding new ways to incorporate Web 2.0 applications into my instruction.
Hi Lauren,
I am Marsha from Israel and we are implementing a large online project called Globaldreamers, we would love to have you and the kids join us, we would love to make new global friends.
Thanks, Marsha. I will look into it!
My name is Prakash and I have been teaching finance for over 2 decades. I decided to share my teaching experience through the form of children's stories and wrote 20 children's books on finance. I have 2 young boys, ages 6 & 7 years old, and these books are really meant for kids in their age group, though anyone can read these books and learn about finance. I wrote these books in the form of children's stories with financial lessons in them. Currently you can get these books on Amazon, Follett Library Resources or through our website (most desirable option) We are also currently translating them into Chinese, Spanish, French and Arabic. In addition, I am trying to get my books animated so that they can go on ipads, They should also be available on kindle soon.

I am very interested in knowing if anyone here has "animated" their classroom examples, or stories, and if they did it themselves. I would like to do the animation myself if it isn't too complicated. I am open to suggestions.

BTW, one of the top 6 % school districts in the nation has adopted our books for use in the classroom. Other schools and libraries have also been using them. These books come with free lesson plans for educators. If you are interested in adopting these books in your schools (elementary, middle, high, home) or in any other form, please do write to me off-list ( ) or if you are interested in collaborating.

Prakash Dheeriya, PhD
Father, Author & Professor of Finance
Finance for Kidz Series
Your illustrations look 'simple' enough that they would lend themselves to Flash programming. Bit of a learning curve, but here is one example done by a 12 year old (click on the word information). And another done by a 13 year old. A bit expensive and a bit of a learning curve.

Free but not quite as sophisticated is Scratch.

One more thought.... You may wish to try to involve your own children through their school in the Global Virtual Classroom contest... perhaps even 'consulting' with the team on the topic of finance! Registration closes on September 24. A teacher needs to be involved.

Janet Barnstable
Program Manager
Global Virtual Classroom
Thanks for your suggestions. I have downloaded scratch and will play with it. I will ask my school to see if they want to participate in the GVC project.
Great! Good luck to you.
Hello Prakash,
I have been doing the GVC classroom since 2005 and it is a phenomenal and rewarding experience. The kids learn technology, improve their English and learn to share their culture with their teammates.
It is a lot of work but SO rewarding.
Marsha from Israel



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