Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello, My name is Art Lieberman and I teach in East Texas. I discovered Web 2.0 almost a year ago at a conference in Galveston where the Digital Goonies presented. In the past year I've used Animoto and Prezi a lot. I also use quite often with my students. I'd like to learn more and expand what I'm doing with my students. The love it whenever we use the computer.
Hi everyone,

I'm Diana Hansen from Hewlett Packard, and I focus on education and technology.

So glad to be here! Love to hear all of your thoughts.
Hello everyone! I just became a member this afternoon! I have often visited this site for great ideas. I am an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher in Suffolk, Virginia, USA. Basically, I help teachers integrate technology into their daily instruction. Right now, I'm working on my graduate degree at Virginia Tech (online) in instructional technology and I plan to use this site to help me with my course work. I look forward to networking and gaining new insights with collaborative technologies!
Hi Mary!
Have you ever heard of WIPTE? -- It is a Workshop on the Impact of Pen-based Technology on Education... and the reason I thought of you is their 2010 conference is being held Oct 25 - 26 at Virginia Tech. It might be a very interesting conference for you.

They discuss topics such as:
- Why are Tablet PCs better than notebooks PCs in the classroom?
- What software really makes a difference?
- Do Tablet PCs really work for education?

They have been publishing research on the impact that Tablet PCs have had in education for the past few years, and they have seen some interesting results. My fav is "A Decreased drop/fail/withdraw rate from 59% to below 20% in a Clemson University calculus class"... Clemson is a HP customer!

Diana Hansen
I will totally check that out! Of course, I'm not physically in Blacksburg so I may not be able to attend, but I will go to the website. Thanks!

Thanks for the invite!

Brand new to Classroom 2.0, but it doesn't take long to get one excited at the possibilities.

I live and teach Grade 8 E.L.A. and Math in Virden, MB, Canada. I'd be interested in connecting with other Grade 8 classrooms from around the world.

My class blog is called Mr. O's World.
Craig Clarkson ~ Stanley, N.B., Canada. Small rural K-12 school (Stanley High School) and I teach a combo of middle and high school courses (SS/PE)
Hi everyone, my name is Felix and I am interested in meeting technology savvy educators from around the world!
Welcome Felix!
My name is Liz, and I am a 40-something year old high school mathematics teacher from New Zealand. However I now live in Japan with my Irish husband and children and we work at an international school in Kobe, near Osaka. We have the IB MYP and diploma program at our school.
Hi Liz,
Besides the work I do for Global Virtual Classroom, I also run a small Teen Magazine called Cyberteen. You may be interested for two reasons. One: we have an art teacher from Imani school (not far from you) who is a contributor, and two: we have a math teacher from India (St. Mark's senior secondary school). It's a small "share what you'd like" magazine and meant to let us all know about each other.
Email me if you're interested.
Hi everyone,
My name is Lily, I live in Biloela, Australia. I am studying Librarianship, and it's really wonderful to come across this website, as I need to learn a lot of Web 2.0. I work as Library Assistant at my local library. Love working there, I think that's the reason I do further study in Librarianship.

I think this site is wonderful, love the sharing knowledge atmosphere here, I still need to learn a lot to get around on this site.




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