Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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My name is Peter DeWitt and I'm an elementary school principal, adjunct professor and writer and live in upstate, NY, USA. I am hear looking for different ways to connect our students and teachers to 21st century skills.



I'm Sedley Abercrombie.  I'm a 2nd year media coorinator/librarian at an elementary school in rural North Carolina.  I love literature, technology and children so as you can imagine I LOVE MYJOB!  I am a graduate student at East Carolina University and if all goes well I'll finish my master's in LIBS this summer.


We have a hobby farm where my husband grows organic fruits and veggies and raises a few animals.  I have recently started making my own soap.My husband and I are both originally from New Orleans, Louisiana... quite a switch to rural North Carolina.  But we love it here.  We look forward to having a booth at the local farmer's market this spring.

Sedley you are the right forum. Welcome to this forum. It is great that you love your job.We shall learn a lot from you.
Hello everyone from Central Nebraska.  I am the K-8 Media/Tech Integration specialist at for York Public Schools in York, Nebraska.  I am excited to share and learn from this awesome network!
Good Evening!  My name is Anna, and I'm a 7th grade technology and humanities teacher in  Bensalem, PA. Presently, I'm trying to build a greater awareness for middle school students about the harmful effects of cyberbullying.  I've contacted some institiutions and was wondering if anyone had  any leads / contacts that would be helpful.  Thanks!!

I am Retired Army and a teacher at the male corrections facility in Gatesville, Texas. I am interested in discussions about adult education, particularly in corrections education. I am married with a wonderful daughter. I enjoy small construction projects around the farm and spending time with the family.

I teach Reading, Math, and Language Arts based on the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE). My students average age is 36 but not with the equivalent maturity level. Interesting job and I love it. I look forward to working with you.


My name is Robin Bayles.  I have been an educator for 19 years, mostly as a math teacher.  I have recently taken on the postion as my district's technology integration specialist.  I live in a small, somewhat isolated town in Northern Arizona. I am always looking for ways to collaborate with other educators interested in providing students with 21st century learning opportunities.  

Glad to have stumbled upon Classroom 2.0.  Thanks to @SteveHargadon & @ShellTerrell for leading me here.  Teach band and work as Technology Integration Specialist for St. Croix Falls SD in WI.  Got to love small schools where individuals wear many hats.


Perfect Pitch

A great tool that you may find helpful in your band classroom. Maybe you are already familiar with it, but if not, here ya go!



My name is Hannah Johnson  and I am an Algebra 1/2 teacher in Grand Island Nebraska.  I am in my second year of teaching. I really like to work with troubled students who are in trouble or even classified as the "bad students" but I can find ways to connect to these students and help them see what they can really do with their education and they can be successful. 



Hannah,that is an interesting virtue.It is something women sometimes carry out to life, by marrying 'bad' guys


My name is Venkata, currently a secondary school maths teacher in melbourne, and also  a Ph.D student in math education. Currently working on student engagement with maths in middle years.

Interested in sharing your views on related topics and taking part discussions .

I know that student engagement is a multi dimensional construct- affective engagement, behavioural engagement and cognitive engagement, whereas motivation is process that comes from all these three dimensions of engagement

In particular, can somebody give specific references that deal with defining  motivation and engagement- WHAT PSYCHOLOGICAL THEORIES OF LEARNING ARE LINKED TO STUDENT ENGAGEMENT?








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