Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I am a Language Arts  (English and reading) teacher in the second largest school district in IL.  (Read--we are in significant debt, have had major reductions, took no salary increase, large classes, etc)

One of my students has given me an application for a grant through a parent's company --she says it is always granted--for technology to use in my classroom to enhance my teaching. I would like advice on what to ask for.  I have purchased with my own money an Elmo document camera and a ceiling installed digital projector.  The gifted dept. purchased a SMARTBoard for my classroom also since I teach gifted classes.  We are supposed to get Clickrs soon.  What should I be asking for?? the maximum purchase is $2500.

Hey Ya'll... I'm Brian Herring from Lexington, SC. I teach SC History to 8th graders at Fulmer Middle School in West Columbia, SC. Currently I am trying to find new ways to introduce collaborative learning in my classroom.


I am an elementary Reading Specialist interested in the intergration of technology in the Language Arts classroom.  I blog about all things literacy and review apps appropriate for teaching reading.

The Digital Reading Teacher


My name is Susan Campo and I am a high school Geography and Science teacher near Toronto, Canada. I have just set up my classes on gmail so that I can start using the calendar, Google docs and other apps with them. I am the only one at my school doing this and I am interested in finding out where to start and whether it is even worth the time. Any suggestions?

Hi all,

I'm Austin Ball from Austin, TX (and yes, I've heard 'em all) and I'm mostly interested in learning about tutoring individuals/groups over the internet. Guess I'm in the right place! Aiming to teach elementary school in Texas after I graduate this semester.
Hi!  I'm an English teacher at a Career & Technical Center in a small suburb of Buffalo, NY.  I've been teaching for 13 years and am now working toward an Educational Leadership degree.  I'm thinking I'll go into administration, but I'm really interested in all the web 2.0 possibilities for education right now.

Hi Jennifer,

Technology is awesome really and has opened so many serious ways of teaching kids and advancing in ways you could only dream of years ago./ We have been implementing a large project called Globaldreamers where we encourage global collaboration through our website.

It is a great way to advance kids and motivate them in so many ways!

Marsha G.

Hi...My name is Shawn and I am currently completing my B.Ed in Waterloo, Ontario. I am seeing first hand how 2.0 opens excites and energuzes learning for students. Really happy to have found this site.


Shawn it is so great to feel excited and there is quite a bit here to learn from and see. I especially like going though many of the discussions. I am Marsha from Globaldreamers Israel. (

We have been implementing a project to encourage global collaborations and friendships. Our latest project is our Valentine's day project.

Marsha G.

I'm a professor and author in Tampa, FL interested in how school leaders use social media in their leadership roles...especially how they invite SM into their schools safely.

Hi. I'm a 4th grade teacher in Massachusetts. Before I became a teacher, I worked in the computer industry for 15+ years. I'm having fun using technology with my students and with every project I learn something unexpected and new!


Heidi MacGregor

Hi all!


Dana Todaro, Instructional Technology Specialist, Missouri



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