Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi Classroom 2.0

I'm Jennifer Lamb and I'm a Technology Integration Specialist for an Independent Girls School in Richmond, Virginia.  I'm interested in blended learning, Smartboard, and methods of integrations that are relevant and meaningful.  


Hello.  I'm Carla Boulton from Missouri.  I've taught for 16 years, Spanish for a few years, but mostly Business Education.  I've recently joined the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  My passion is technology integration, helping teachers use technology to improve student achievement, and being a "techno" nerd!

Hi Everyone,


I'm Dan.  I teach 8th grade English and Humanities in the Boston area.  I also coordinate a year-long independent study (Capstone) program for the eighth graders in my school.  I was inspired by my experience at a Learning & the Brain conference last week (focused on technology) to ramp up my use of Classroom 2.0-type tools in my classes.  Glad to be here.

Hello! I teach 7th grade math and life science in southwest Virginia. I am interested in combining science and the new technology of gaming into the hands of my students. Please blog me and let me know your ideas/experiences!
Hello everyone! Chinita Irby from Selma, Alabama. I am a first year technology coordinator at my school; I teach grades K-4. I taught grade 3 four years prior to this position. I am excited about collaborating with other technology coordinators and learning tons of new ideas.
Welcome with Steve and others you will survive.
Thank you!

Im sending a big hello out to all of you great teachers out there. I am a pre-service teacher in Saskatchewan, Canada, with a major in Biology and a minor in Social Studies. I would love to share and learn about new webtools and programs to use in the classroom. In the last year I have been gathering great websites and online resources such as,,, and many more. If you also have some great resources, lesson plans, or other activities feel free to contact me or add me as a colleague and we can help each other learn about new resources. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi everyone,


I'm here to get feedback from folks on how I can repurpose some of the technology I've created for educational purposes. I built a site called which is quite popular with high school reading groups and classrooms, and I'm just looking to hear from smart people here who might have ideas for moving it further in that direction. Feel free to contact me (through the website or here).





Hy everybody!

I'm Silvana Temperini....mother, wife and teacher.

I live in Pescara, Italy and I teach in a superior school.  I'm very interested in how web2.0 will change the way we learn and teach. I love reading and culture and I’d like to share ideas and make projects, especially about HOTEL MANAGEMENT, with all of you.

Glad to be part of this community!





I at one time was a owner and manager of a hotel in a small town in Pennsylvania. It was handed down to  me from my father who passed away years ago.


Cornel University is the number one school for Hotel Management in the USA. They are in the state of New York.


I believe if you go on Google and put in Cornel Univeristy and then Hotel Management you can request literature and a catelogue from them.


These should be of help. Let me know how it works out


Jim Gray

Hello Jim. Thank you for posting these helpful site.

Have a great day!




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