Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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My name is Nutan Mangla and I work as a technology cordinator in a high school in Bloomfield Hills,Michigan. We use moodle in our schools and love working in the moodle environment.Similarly, as using the google docs, we are able to collaborate using wikis,slideshows and soon( I am hoping) real time collaboration.

Last year I finished my master thesis on the "Teacher and Student Perceptions of Learning and Motivation with Interactive Boards" and believe we have come to a different focus in teaching.


Hello.  I am Alan Griffin.  I am a Curriculum Content Specialist with the Utah State Office of Education.  I work with the adoption of textbooks and other instructional materials in the schools.  I have been doing some research to focus on the characteristics of the finest instructional materials.  I am interested in in gathering information about the materials being used in various subject areas throughout the country, and what criteria was used to select them.  Does anyone know of a tool that could be used to accumulate information on the textbooks being used in the schools?  Which is the most popular?  Why do particular districts or schools prefer a particular text?  I would be very interested in your feedback. 

--Alan Griffin

Hi!  My name is Kristen Corcoran, and I'm from Bethlehem, PA.  I am looking to learn about current trends in education.  I have been home raising my children for the past 7 years.  I use to teach 4th and 5th grade.



Great parent,welcome you have joined a great community you will learn a lot.

Thank you!  Looking forward to learning!
Hello! My name is Myriam and I am the French teacher at Asheville high school in Asheville,NC I am originally from morocco so i speak Arabic as well and understand a lot of Spanish. I would love to hear from other foreign language teachers and how they are using technology in their classrooms!
A bientot!

Weber you are multi talented- welcome you will learn on various web 2.0 tools that can enrich your lessons


Hello Everyone.

I am Ai Wee Seow, School Programs Coordinator at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. Excited to be part of this community!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Scott Wilsey and I am a high school science teacher in Michigan.  Glad to be joining you.


Hello, Kat here from Orlando, Fl. I work in el-hi educational publishing and am very interested to see how tech is being used in the classroom and what kinds of ideas teachers might have for future products.  Our company works with the "big four" schoolbook publishers as well as small, family owned supplemental firms.  Everyone is moving in the digital direction, but they are not really sure where they are going. We are hearing a bit of talk about social networking in the classroom, and I'm interested to see how this kind of platform can be used. Glad to have stumbled across this site!
I'm Stephanie.  My degree is in elementary education and special education.  I am hoping to continue my study possibly getting a masters in education technology.  I teach in a small town in Indiana.  I have many roles at the school, teaching various subjects for 5-8 grade.   When coming to the school I teach at very little technology was available, but as I am there I am continuing to lead the push into integrating more technology.  I believe technology is the wave of the future, and as teacher we need to embrace it.  I am seeing what resources are available and excited to connect with teachers that have the same ideas as I do in integrating technology in education.
Hi all!

I'm Alberto from Rome, Italy. I'm a pshychologist of knowledge and I worked for several years in serious games' projects as researcher in the Italian National Council of Research. Recently I started a company and one of our main topics is serious games design and development. As a young company we are very interested in this kind of technology and also in keeping eyes on the educational trend progress. We'd love to get in touch with different "realities" to create some networking...

Kind regards,



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