Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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My name is Ronnie Powell.  I am a sixth grade math teacher who is getting ready to retire. I live in Southern Maryland and teach at Leonardtown Midddle Schoo.  l I am very interested in learning about Web 2.0.  I plan to continue teaching on the college level after I retire.  The things I learn about Web 2,0 will help me be more successful.
Teresa Shuck, Kadoka, SD - teaching for 12 years now and excited to try my hand at project based learning...wish me luck!
Teresa good luck

Hi everyone :)

I just joined Classroom 2.0 today. My colleagues and I joined today in hopes of finding useful information as we try to embed technology into our teaching. We have been given the opportunity to use an iPod lab in our classroom and are hoping to find others who are on the same journey or already have great ideas for their use.

I am from Wooster, Ohio.

Excited to see what I can find on here.

Hi all,

I'm Gregg Hawks, TV and Video Production teacher at a high school in southwest Virginia.  I owned a video production company in North Carolina for 15 years before selling it and finding my true calling in education.  I want to share some tutorials, tips, tricks and other resources about digital media production.  Visit my blog to find links.

If you have questions or need anything in particular regarding Adobe After Effects, Avid, Photoshop or GIMP contact me via twitter  @hawkar56    I'll be glad to help if I can. 

Just remember if a picture is worth a thousand words, adding motion and sound makes it worth a million!


Hello, my name is Sara and I currently teach 3rd grade, but next year moving to 2nd Grade. I teach in a K-6 Elementary School in Missouri. I have a classroom size this year of 20 kiddos who love a challenge. I am looking for new ways to implement technology and any other ideas in my classroom.

Check out my blog for links to different things.  Look at GIMP, it is a free program that is very similar to Photoshop.  I have posted a link to a step by step tutorial.  Also if you have access to computers there are several tutorials for both Windows Movie Maker and iMovie.  Have your students build their own news story!

I am Kaushilya (Kaushi), a doctoral candidate at McGill University.  My focus is on strategic information processing in academic contexts, which falls within the larger scheme of Educational technology.  I am interested in how collaboration could help strategic information processing and how it could be facilitated through technology.

kaushilya- your research sound powerful- is it how human process and understand material- i encountered the blooms digital taxonomy - it ismay interest you if you have not encountered it


Good morning. My name is Winky Jenkins-Rice and I'm the Director of Educational Programs at a non profit. We support several 21st century instructional models with extensive PD and materials.we currently are partnering with over 50 schools and 600 teachers! I am looking forward to connecting with other innovative leaders!



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