Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi, my name is Katie. I a from Kansas City. I teach 8th and 9th grade transition, math and science. I teach at an alternative school, therefor it is small. There is only one teacher of each discipline, the other transition teacher, and me (of course).  Of these teacher, no one else teaches 8th grade math and science. So it will be nice to have a bigger community to be involved in. I am really excited to get to collaborate with fellow science and math teachers.

Hi all! I'm Melissa Johnston from Mont Belvieu, Texas. I teach 6th grade language arts and computer technology at Barbers Hill Intermediate campus of 5th and 6th grade students. Our 6th graders participate in a one-to-one netbook program, and it is fantastic!


Would love to share ideas and collaborate with others. Also interested in teaching/interning abroad. You can find me at  and my class at


Have a great school year!

 Dear Melissa, I am copying this message for you. I hope you are all well and have a wonderful school year. I am writing to tell you that we are beginning our peace project for the year in honor of the United Nations International Peace day on September 21st, 2011

We invite our friends from around the world to participate in our project by writing about peace at your school, towns, city or countries. Since I am also the project director of the GVC Clubhouse there two ways in which you can send project. If you use the clubhouse wiki then please:

Go to New Page and create a page called Peace - and add your school's name or organization. TAG the page: peace, and it will appear on the wiki menu.  OR send your text, images or videos to to post on the Global Dreamers  website Peace 2011-project. See Peace Archive

We are sharing our work with the Global Virtual Classroom and hope to have a great collaboration with all of the wonderful educators and kids from around the world.

Please join us. Wishing everyone a great year and looking forward to hearing from all of you,.


Marsha Goren

GVC project director of the GVC Clubhouse

Thanks, Marsha! This looks like something we might be able to participate in. My kids are working hard to learn the ins and outs of their netbooks. Appreciate the comment and invitation.
Hello everyone.  Ashley Weber, 7th grade Social Studies teacher from Gardner, KS - we're a small suburb of the KC metro.  Have used Ning with my students before and am excited to check out all of the great things here!
Currently, I am applying for substitute teaching. My  Iowa certifications are in business -- general and business - office and multioccupation. Also, I am taking classes to keep my certification.
Hello everyone,  Dave Craig here and I teach 4th grade in Middletown, NY. School year sure to keep me busy but nice to have this place as a resource for reflection and sharing.
Hi everyone! First grade teacher, Tara Liston, from a small district in Iowal. Looking to improve my PLN and share great ideas with other first grade or lower elementary teachers!

How is everyone doing?  Eddie Wright here and I work in a Kansas City, KS high school.  I love to learn from others and see other's opinions on topics I'm interested in.


Good morning!  I am sitting at my desk on the first day of school.  So excited, couldn't even sleep last night.  My name is Steven Jackson and I've been teaching mathematics into my 7th year at Mason High School in Michigan.  Excited about trying to "flip" some lessons in my precalc classes.  I'll try to post how it works out on here so you can learn from my mistakes/successes (same thing, right?).  Have a good school year everyone!
Hello everyone.  My name is Roxanne Arvidson, and I teach 4th grade in Kansas City, MO.  This is my 6th year of teaching, and I just began working towards my eMINTS certification.  eMINTS will provide me with strategies and techniques to use in my classroom to help enrich my instruction.  I am looking forward to learning even more from all of you!

I'm Mark Welch, editor & publisher of, a web site directory of literature lesson plan resources.




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