Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi All,

I'm a 5th grade teacher outside of St. Louis, MO, and currently working on my masters' in computer education.  I hope to learn a lot here!

Christy Koop

Iowa Falls-Alden High School

Spanish Teacher

Tech lover!

Excited to be part of this site. Willing and ready to learn how other teachers are using Tech in their Spanish classrooms!

Hello!  I'm Maegan Heindel, former elementary teacher and school librarian-in-training in Madison, Wisconsin.  Looking forward to connecting and getting tips on how to support classroom teachers.

Hi everybody. I'm an Italian teacher of English. I teach in a secondary technical high scool nera Milan. Presently I'm doing a PhD concerning Web 2.0 tools, foreign language learning through CLIL methodology.  I’m highly interested in your opinions and proposals

Hello follow educators! I work for a 30,000 student district in Colorado Springs, CO, USA and I am in charge of our strategies for evolving learning via technology. We use the term Personalized Learning and he have an aggressive vision for change that we are now planning and executing. I have taught at the high school level and worked as a data and assessment coach all in Colorado Springs School District 11. I look forward to learning and collaborating with members from all over the world.

Greetings, my name is Matthew.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tom Nixon.  I teach elementary school band outside of Baltimore, MD.  I grew up in New York but moved down here to study music education at Towson University.  I now teach full time and am working on my graduate degree in educational technology at Loyola University. 

Hi everyone!


I'm enrolled in a full time Educational Technology graduate program in Baltimore. For one of my courses, we were asked to join a professional network and this community was recommended. So here I am! I'm looking forward to connecting with others, sharing resources, and learning new things! 




My name is Mark Williams and I am the co-founder of instaGrok (  I am passionate about developing technology to teach 21st Century research and curation skills.  We have developed a safe, age appropriate educational search engine and electronic journals for recording research activities.  I am in an educational start-up incubator in Palo Alto, CA called ImagineK12.  I would appreciate feedback from the community on our technology. 


I work with my k-8 students in the Tech lab teaching them research methods on the computer. I will check out our site and use it with my kiddos.

I will let you know what they think (they are very critical as I am sure you know).

Angela Reynolds

Hello!  I'm Lynn Smith from Salem, Illinois.  I'm currently taking three courses towards my Masters in Computer Education and had to find a PLN to join.  I think I made a good choice!

Hey guys, my name is Eric. I work for a company called MentorMob, an e-learning startup that has developed a free tool for educators to organize online content in Learning Playlists for their students. I'd love to connect with educators looking to  use technology to take their classrooms to the next level. Any feedback that you have would be much appreciated.

Glad to be here!



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