Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi everyone:

I am Gayle Greene-Philllip from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Antigua ~ Where the beach is just the beginning. I am an Information Technology teacher at one of the Government Owned High Schools.  I LOVE technology and I am looking forward to access and collaboration in order to grow.

Nice to have you on board Starrs.

Hello everyone! I am Gwen.

Became a member while taking a class on expanding my Personal Learning Network. 

I am a School Nurse/Vocation HS teacher.

I am excited about what technology can bring to vocational learning. 

Hello, my name is Robert Plonka. I am a part-time English teacher and part-time literacy coach on Chicago's southside. I'm enjoying all of the resources and discussion here. Thanks!

Hello, my name is Lisa Walker.  I am currently an Executive Assistant at Seoul Christian School in Seoul, South Korea.  I am interested in getting into areas of Education that primarily focus on alternative schools and helping kids with rough backgrounds.  Any links would be appreciated.

My name`s Susana Larcabal. I`m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I live in El Calafate, capital of glaciers. I`m totally into web 2.0 I teach English in Middle and High School. This year my High School students are participating in the Peace One Day project and we are going to skype with students from other countries. Any advice on how to use Twitter in the classroom is welcome.

Hello, I am new in Classroom 2.0 and wish to introduce myself.

I work in Finland in a university of applieds sciences. Mainly I supervise bachelor and master thesis works and work on R&D. Our univerisity has a special pedagogical approach (Learning by Developing). All students learn from the first day to work on R&D projects and use eLearning methods. Real life development projects are the core of education.

I have two new R&D projects related to use of social media and new technology for teaching and learning.  

For several years I have been running a project where the aim is to promote health among teenagers with the help of new technology and social media. Moreover I have several students working on developing services for senior using social media as a communication tool.

If you are interested in collaborating in R&D work, let me know and I will tell you more.

On the other hand, my husband I have our home and life in Provence, France. For me this means enjoying the lovely climate, the nature,the history and culture,  the pleasures of good quality food and drink and last not but least, the company of my French husband.

If you wish to follow my activities in France, see Facebook -"Velleron our village" or "La Roubine - vacation home in Provence"

Hi Auli,  I've been connecting with a group in Sweden and other countries via Facebook and Skype. You can find them at

I've also been engaging interns over the past six years in an on-going project aimed at helping connect business, volunteers and philanthropy with volunteer-based tutoring, mentoring and learning programs in high poverty neighborhoods of Chicago.  My goal is to connect strategically with programs such as yours so that the students have faculty support and stay involved for multiple years, then apply what they learn in their adult lives. You can learn about this and see some of projects at

If you or any other educators would like to involve students in this project you can introduce yourself in the group at


Committed to a Sustainable World for All in the 21st Century via Global Education, Technology, and Language

General Introduction

Christel is an associate professor of education at Georgetown College in the USA.  She came to the United States in 1989.  She joined Georgetown College in 2001.  She has been the program director of the ESL teacher endorsement program since. Christel's interests include advocacy, technology, and professional learning communities.  She is a committed life-long learner and enthusiastic technology user rooted in constructivism.  She has been teaching online since 1991 and published and presented widely on technology and its role in the process of learning and teaching.  Christel believes that teaching is the greatest vocation on earth. As an educator she sees her role as that of coach empowering school personnel to meet all academic and social needs of immigrant and all student populations as well as their families and communities.  To that end, advocacy for those without voice is one of her prime concerns along with preparing all students for a global 21st century.

In her personal life, Christel is married,has one daughter, has a bilingual and tri-cultural household, and is a workout fanatic and instructor of studio cycling classes at the YMCA.  She writes short stories and poetry.  When possible, she and her family love to travel and to discover all corners of the world.


The professional leadership includes regional, state, national, and global positions. Examples include Chair of the TESOL International Elementary Education IS (globally), TESOL International/NCATE USA  ESL program reviewer, steering board member of the TESOL Elementary Education IS (globally), president of and board member on the KYTESOL, and multiple other positions.  Christel believes that educators need to be professional leaders in order to present the latest in the discipline and shape what this status is.

The list of publications and presentations is extensive and includes regional, national, and international talks, teacher professional developments, and workshops.  Among many other honors, she was chosen globally as an affiliate’s best presentation at TESOL International.

Professional honors Christel received over the past 20 years range from workplace service rewards at several institutions, professional recognitions, to multiple awards from KYTESOL and TESOL International, such as the TESOL International leadership award.  Christel is proud of her teaching and advising awards and nominations by student received at different institutions.



Bluegrass Region

Professional Leadership


Georgetown College, Kentucky since 2002

Miscellaneous Webpages

  Hello dear teachers,

I'm  Aytakin Ahmadova, from, Ismayilli,  Azerbaijan I It is a country which borders on  Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Armenia. It is the place where the Eurovision  song competition will take place .( Last year it took place in Germany).  I work at school #1 in Ismayilli . I have been working 13 years here teaching English. I am new in Classroom 2.0, though I attended some on line courses.  Maybe I 'll have some difficulties  I need your advice.

Welcome to the group. I am new here too. I teach in China. What grades do you teach?

Hi Toni,

Do you know Azerbaijan? Do you have any info about it?  I tought  from 1st  to 11 th grade . But now I have only V,VII,VIII grades. Have u joined  Little Lives ?



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