Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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 Hi Najwa. Nice to hear from you. Are you from Turkish generation? Because the surname Chalabi belongs to Turkish. I think your work is very hard. It is interesting for me to learn your idea about using technology in English lesson or in any lessons. ( Are you an English teacher?)

HI every one

my name is Eman, working as instructor at nursing education department at faculty of nursing, I am from Egypt,Alexandria.

i am  very interested about using the social network sites for education. this area of study very interesting and will be the future of education and i hope to be able to prepare my master in this area. it is great honer to be here.    

Hi Everyone!


I'm Angus Chan, a Technical Product Manager from Desire2Learn, working out of our Kitchener, Ontario, Canada office.  I focus mainly on Integration and Middleware (i.e. work with partners to determine how we can incorporate their tools and technologies into our LMS), however I have strong interests in Privacy and Social Media in Education.


If you have any ideas or thoughts to how we can improve our products to meet your needs, please send them my way and I'll forward them to the proper teams for consideration in future product updates.

 Hello, my name is Ibby Rios; I am a middle school Spanish and social studies teacher in Crofton, MD.  I've been teaching for about 12 years and in the last couple of years have been more intentional about tech integration in my classroom.  I have found this professional learning community very useful and helpful - from the webinars, to the resources shared and discussion presented in the forums.

I have created a group in the community called Passport to the World for social studies.  If this is your content area, check it out; it should be a meaningful forum for sharing ideas and resources.

Hi Everyone,

I'm Ryan Journey from Philadelphia, PA. I currently teach special education, but want to open myself up to the many different teaching experiences that are out there.

Hi Ryan, your city will be invaded by 10,000 or so of us TESOL members.  We will have our convention there next week.  What is the weather like?

Good morning to some, and good afternoon to the rest,

My name is Stephen Bloom and I am interested in using a blog for students to use while working on writing projects. I welcome any responses and look forward to future correspondence.

Hello, My name is Juliet Knight and I am currently a SLPA student in the Los Angeles area.  Thanks for letting me look around.  This is pretty amazing!  Social Media is a very real resource for today's teacher. I enjoyed reading how teachers are considering blogging as a means of keeping their kids writing during the holiday breaks.  Great idea!  I would have loved this as a kid.    


Hi Everyone,

I'm Roxanne Clement and I'm a Teacher Librarian at an elementary K-5 (next year K-6) public school in Alameda California. I've been teaching for what seems like forever, am I'm so excited about 21st century learning, technology infused learning, iPads, netbooks, and 1:1 learning, books and libraries, and especially the changing learning environments for today's kids!

I'm finishing up a masters in Library Science and Technology and hope to share how I am working to transform websites and learning activities into two-way interactive and collaborative learning environments available 24/7, anywhere anytime!

Hi Group,

My name is William. I am an educator, principal, and author. Visit for FREE videos and ebooks. 


Hello all,

I am Rade. I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am a teacher of English language and literature (Bachelor's degree). I have been teaching English for five years and I still feel so fresh about teaching, so I want to learn more and to gain more knowledge. I also completed the course "Building Teaching Skill Through the Interactive Web" at the University of Oregon, as a scholarship holder of the American Embassy in the programme of distant learning. I also do the translations from my mother tongue (Serbian language) to English and vice verse. I am very enthusiastic about expending my knowledge and learning from the professionals.

I am glad to be part of this and in the same time a little bit confused about this as this is the first time for me to participate in something like this.

Best regards



My name is Michael Milton, I am a high school English and World History teacher at Burlington High School in MA (USA). I'm a relatively new teacher - this is my first full year although I was a long term substitute teacher for a year and a half. Prior to teaching, I was managed teams of AmeriCorps Members (I also provided training to them). I'm excited to join this group!



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